Zeke & his new “Buddy”

This is Zeke with his new family, well most of it.  Dad was golfing when mom, Ann picked him up.  Buddy and Zeke hit if off and his new parents just fell in love at first sight.  Zeke is an awesome dog and thanks to All About Dogs in Southport, he got a spa day treatment last week!

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2 Responses to Zeke & his new “Buddy”

  1. Ann Gates says:

    We love the article and the title. Day 3 now and Zeke is doing great. He loves walking on the beach but shows no desire to go into the water. Looking at his head and color, we are thinking that he may have some Irish Setter in him. When he is not out for a walk he is laying next to our feet (Buddy is not far away) or next to our bed (Buddy is on it)! He gets to check out his new home in Dublin, Ohio on Friday night…no ocean there! Do you think that he had ever seen the beach before based on where he was found? He is very excited to go for walks on the beach now. I will keep in touch and bring him back for a visit in late July when we return. Thanks for helping make our family complete! Ann

    • Director says:

      Thanks for the update Ann!! Not sure if he was ever at the beach but Im sure he is happy anywhere with his new family. He is such a great dog and Buddy is quite the character!!

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