Bottle Babies!

SOARs newest editions, Boots (black & white) and Tiger.  These babies are only about 3 weeks old and need to be bottle fed.  Their foster mommy, Micki, had them at SOAR today while she was volunteering.  They will not be ready for adoption for awhile but we thought everyone would love to see these little boys.

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4 Responses to Bottle Babies!

  1. Tamara Shaw says:

    I just thought to check and what a surprise to see the two little guys in there …… that was so cute, it almost make me cry……so loving

  2. Tamara Shaw says:

    I was just wondering how the babies are doing…… I think of them often and wonder how they are doing. At times I wish I didn’t have allergies.

    • Director says:

      They are great! Just seen them today. They were adopted 2 weeks ago together!! They are getting big, I wish I would of got a picture. Their new daddy is a police officer and seen them while they were still on the bottle. He bottle fed them that day, but they stayed with their foster mom til they were eating on their own. He said they love to sleep with him and he is really enjoying them.

  3. Tamara Shaw says:

    I am so glad they got adopted together and with a much kinder person than that heartless one that put them in the dumpster, thank you so much for your great work.

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