Homer finds a Home

Homer has been at SOAR for 5 years and has been very happy with all the love and attention he gets.  To the left he is with John, who took care of him everyday and Jeannine the owner of SOAR, who loves him.  To the right is Amy and Kelly, the trainers who have done so much to help Homer find a forever home.  Amy even took him home for a few weeks to work with him on a daily basis and is donating training sessions for him and Ken.

Homer is now living with Ken, who has 4 wonderful boys.  Homer has a huge fenced back yard to play in.  He took right to Ken and the boys and is fitting in great with his new family.  We will miss you, Homer but we know you are were you belong!!!

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5 Responses to Homer finds a Home

  1. Steve Salerno says:

    Congrats to Ken and boys, and to Homie, one of the most beautiful creatures I have known at SOAR. Another great moment in our history! Oliver sends his regards, boy. Run like the wind forever.


  2. shellb says:

    yeah yeah yeah!!! I and many others have been following Homer for awhile. I saw this today and emailed my best friend in Charlotte NC. She agreed…made our year!

    Thank you everyone who helped Homer on his journey


  3. Mimi says:

    Homer!!!! I can’t tell you how happy we are for you! Knowing you just needed the right couple, there they were! Thanks to Amy VanDyne for all you do!

    The Browns(lucky enough to have adopted Mr. Bobo Bear, now known as Sampson who co-starred in ANNIE with Brunswick Little Theatre, August 2010!)

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