Angela’s Kittens

Domino&Jet Adoption

Hey, Angela…Two more of your kids have found homes.  There’s Domino and Jet in the cattery with their new human sister, Maggie.  That’s 3 adopted now, 3 still with us.  Hope you are having fun at your new home.  If you see Blackjack, tell him we said hi.

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2 Responses to Angela’s Kittens

  1. Bethann Morison says:

    Domino and Jet are settling in great! They just play, play, play and then sleep. Maggie, Matt and I just love them! Thanks SOAR!

    • Steve Salerno says:

      Thanks for the update, Bethann…and thank you for adopting. Glad to hear Domino and Jet are part of ‘one big happy family.’

      Steve Salerno

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