Here’s Merlin…

Merlin0614143 Merlin061414

Mellow Merlin just arrived via our friends at Animal Protective Services.  See his story on our Dogs page.

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4 Responses to Here’s Merlin…

  1. Petra Fey says:

    He looks very cute! I am so sorry I wasn’t able to meet him in person yet but as soon as I am able to walk again I will!

    • Steve Salerno says:

      Pretty relaxed also. Cathy says he and Lyla had some play time together on Monday. Took it easy with Merlin and friends today–too hot for heavy exercise.

  2. Petra Fey says:

    What a very nice guy! He is such a sweet boy and other than all the Chows I met so far he is so much more affectionate towards people. Hope a person who appreciates his great disposition will come bye soon-

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