After Irene

All is fine at SOAR!! We’ve been getting calls, emails, texts and even had one of our volunteers stop out to check on the animals. Thanks for everyone’s concern for all of our babies. We hope everyone is safe and our thoughts & prayers go out to the rest of the East Coast!!

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2 Responses to After Irene

  1. Steve Salerno says:

    Glad to hear all is well post-Irene. Hooray for Blakie, Maggie, Frazier, Ginger and Pumpkin! Kudos on the new website look–more comment friendly, and new pics and bios for our cats and dogs are excellent. Great to hear about Izzy and Maddie in “Honor Grad” tab, though sad to hear about Bob, a real hero in adopting Maddie. A shame that he and Maddie didn’t get to have more time together. SOAR’s ultimate honor grad says hi.

  2. John R Hollis says:

    I love our new web site!! Very user friendly!! Just wanted everyone to know that all of our wonderful cats and dogs are doing just great. No problems with Irene at all!! When you come to visit SOAR everything is back in place and you would never even know that hurricane Irene came through this area.

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