Old Daddy Cat Is Lost

Friends…Please keep an eye out for “Old Daddy Cat” who escaped from his carrier on the way into Southport Animal Hospital (Dr. Bill Rabon). ¬†Pics and contact info follow. ¬†Thanks.

Old Daddy CatOld Daddy Cat1


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2 Responses to Old Daddy Cat Is Lost

  1. Katherine Hufham says:

    Thank you for posting information about “Old Daddy Cat.” He has been gone for a week now and someone thought they saw him in the neighborhood behind Curves several days ago. He could be in any of the neighborhoods between there and Airport Road. We are so anxious to find him and bring him home.

    • Steve Salerno says:

      Kathryn…Sorry to hear “Old Daddy Cat” is still on the loose. I have posted an update on the SOAR website homepage.

      Steve Salerno

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