What an awesome Saturday!!  Sisters Purr-pose and Miss Kitty were adopted today!!  TOGETHER!!!!!  We are so excited that they have found their “furr-ever” home and were able to stay with each other!


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  1. Joyce Martz says:

    Purr-puss and Miss Kitty are doing great in their forever home. They even like their Labradoodle dog, Lucy. In fact Purr-puss sleeps touching Lucy. Miss Kitty puts in her ZZZs near by, but not touching. One of their favorite spots is at the front storm door watching the chickens de-bug the front yard and things really get interesting when Chicken “Lenore” pecks on the glass seeking a blueberry treat. Their household manners are great, indicating that they are classy cats indeed. We are very lucky to have found animals who have blended into our family so smoothly and graciously. These beautiful and gentle beings are a blessing and we are the lucky ones – not the cats. Our thanks to SOAR for making it possible.

  2. Pat says:

    I just wanted to say I love jaspa, he is wonderful and I know that he has to be a smart baby. Can I come to visit this love bucket. I have followed him on the web since he showed up on the web at Brunswick animal control. I cannot believe that anyone would not want to take him home and Love Him..

    • Steve Salerno says:

      Hello, Pat. It’s been about one month now since we scooped up Jaspa from Animal Protective Services. He was a favorite of staff and volunteers there, and it is no different here at SOAR. Jaspa is indeed a smart boy. There has been some interest in Jaspa…it’s just a matter of time for him. Yes, come out to see him while he is still enjoying our good company. Give Cathy Robbins a call at 457-6340.

      Steve Salerno

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