These are the two newest members of the SOAR family!  Annie and Jaspa!  Check them out under “Animals” and then “Dogs”!  Or just come out to SOAR and visit them!

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2 Responses to NEW BABIES AT SOAR!

  1. Beverley Dean says:

    Hello — we are looking for a young kitty to adopt as a playmate to our sweet, bored 6 year old male, part Flame Pt. Siamese, Ziggy. We have an older kitty, Jazzy, who wants to be left alone to enjoy napping in the sunshine.

    Both kitties are rescued and now live in the lap of luxury (in Magnolia
    Greens in Leland). Both kitties are ONLY indoors in a large home with lots of area to run and a screened in porch to go on in nice weather. They sleep on the bed or anywhere they want, are fed non-grain food, are brushed and pet every day.

    We are looking for a younger, though probably not a kitten, kitty. . .not too large who is outgoing, friendly and playful. Declawed would be fine. Any help you can give us in finding a new member of our family would be appreciated.

    • Steve Salerno says:

      Hello Beverly. Thanks for visiting our website. We have a number of beautiful young cats (juvenile /young adult) that I think could be good pals for you and Ziggy and Jazzy. Of those pictured on our website, I am thinking Nicole, Lilly, Miss Kitty, Stripes and Blair. There are several others not shown that I might recommend. Give us a call at 457-6340, or just stop by tomorrow (Saturday) between 10:00 and 2:00 to check them out.

      Steve Salerno

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