For many of us at SOAR the 2014 Major League Baseball playoffs and World Series aren’t our only source of ball playing entertainment these days.  When it comes to that, we have a couple of girls who can put on just as good a show right here in our exercise yard…and they can do it any time of the year!  They are 6-year old Baby and 8-year old Dixie, two SOAR veterans (Baby is closing in on 5 years with us; Dixie on 6) who obviously have plenty of life left in those lookalike bodies.  Each of them on their own would make a fine addition to at least a moderately active family.  And the two together….well, that would be doubling your fun…


Dixie (L) and Baby queue up for the ceremonial first toss.

Sparkie-Dixie100714                                         Baby1007143

The girls report back for more (and more) duty, completing many fetch-and-return runs. Our throwing arms usually give out before the girls can reach their running limits.


 Energy spent, Baby proudly displays the tools of her trade…


                                          …While Dixie prefers to snack on hers.

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SOAR’s Wonderful World Of Cats

Dinah1003142                        Dinah100814

OK, so it’s no Taj Mahal…                                       It still beats this dump!


 Take it back – I ordered wings, not legs.


 Still think cats don’t have hierarchies?


A lonesome bag of “Greenies”…


Oven Roasted Chicken – my fave!


Arrggh…I hate these darn bags!!

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OLLIE, By Golly

This is young Mr. Ollie who arrived just about two weeks ago.  See Ollie’s story on our Dogs page.

Ollie0930142 Ollie0930143

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Poor Lyla — she’s going to have to get a new boyfriend (09/16/14 Post – “Love Will Find A Way”), as the dashing Mr. Owen has found himself a nice new home.  Owen dropped by the shelter today with his adoptive dad…

Owen Adoption

…to brag on his exciting new lifestyle as a beach boy.  Awesome, dude!  Just don’t forget your friends back at the shelter.  Stay in touch.


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We invite you to visit our SOAR People page and meet some of the men and women who make up the SOAR team.  We have more faces and names to add so check back with us from time to time.

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Honor Grad Ziggy


Visit our Honor Grads page for the Ziggy story.

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bkMeet Bonne Nuit (aka BK – Blind Kitty) – she has been chosen as the 2015 Peoples Choice Winner in the SOAR Cutest Pet Calendar Contest.  You can see her on the front cover of the calendars which are now available for pre-order for $14.00 each plus shipping (1-4 calendars $3 or 5-10 calendars $5).  You can order by sending your information and check to SOAR or by paypal or credit card on the website (just click on the donate button – be sure to put “calendar order” and the number of calendars in the “message” box).  Don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number.

Thank You to everyone that entered your pet.  And Thank You to all our local businesses that placed an ad in the calendar!  There is no way that we could have a successful fundraiser without your support!

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zeetlegoos SOAR Image

Kita was unquestionably the main attraction at this month’s adoption day at Zeetlegoo’s.

Zeetlegoo's0927142 Zeetlegoo's092714

The old guy on his right was just along for the ride.  There were so many “if only’s” and “would-a/could-a’s” from a steady stream of admirers that I lost count.  You know where you can find him folks…

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Three weeks!  That’s all the time it took for Clancy to get his discharge – with honors.  That makes it 22 of 24 Animal Protective Services cats and dogs we have been able to place since 01/01/13.

Clancy Adoption2

Clancy with Cathy and his new mom (R) on adoption day.

Clancy Adoption

Captain Clancy napping on his boat the day after.

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You can go to our events page NOW and vote for the People’s Choice Cutest Pet.  $1.00 per vote.  Voting will run thru Friday, October 3rd!

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Louise Burevitch – “Mrs B’

SOAR, and the world, lost a great woman this past Saturday.   Louise Burevitch died.   She was 97.   She was an animal lover and great philanthropist.    She gave so generously to so many organizations and causes and a lot of them were animal related.   She was one of SOAR’s greatest benefactors; second only to the person who founded SOAR, Jeannine Bicknell.  We will miss her.   Please read her obituary and you will get a sense of the wonderful person that she was.

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“Love Will Find A Way”

It’s unlikely that Pablo Cruise got the inspiration for their 1978 hit recording from a couple of lovelorn shelter canines, but what can we say…


Lyla&Owen0916142 …seeing is believing.  Lyla (R) and Owen turned today’s workout into a lovefest right before our very eyes.  This is the stuff that makes us glad to be a part of SOAR.  If you are looking for a companion – canine or feline – consider adoption, and consider SOAR.  We are open Monday to Wednesday and Friday, 8:00-12:00, and Saturday, 10:00-2:00.  See you when you get here.

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Shout out to the Adams Family who adopted Indie Girl (formerly Roxy) in December 2012.  She is now having the time of her life living in Wrightsville Beach, hanging out in the boat with her two best buds – her human bros!  Her “Mom” tells us that Indie Girl is super smart and a “gem”!!!  We love to hear these wonderful stories!  Thank you Adams Family for opting to adopt!

roxy indie girl adams

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Introducing Owen

Owen0912142 All you big dog lovers, do we have the boy for you!  His name is Owen, and he’s a beauty!  Get the scoop on Owen by visiting our Dogs page.

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Sunset Beach Yoga Flyer.pdf

Join SOAR and AGELESS YOGA of Oak Island for BEACH YOGA at Sunset!  You don’t have to be an expert!  This class is open to ANYONE – all ages, all sizes, women AND MEN!!  Check out all the info!  50% of class revenue goes to benefit SOAR!  Classes will run for approximately six weeks – come to one class – come to every class!!

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What a great time we had at Cornelia’s Animal Jam on Sunday, September 7th!  If you were not able to come . . . you missed a wonderful celebration for a wonderful woman!  We want to thank everyone that donated to SOAR!

cornelia's animal jam

Prince made his debut there and everybody just fell in love with him!  Of course – what is there NOT to love!  He’s an awesome boy!


There was food, music and more!  We are so grateful that Cornelia cared enough about SOAR and about our furry friends, to include us in this awesome remembrance/fundraiser!


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We were so honored to have been asked by the Southport Lions Club to give a presentation on SOAR!  Not only did they give us the opportunity to tell everyone about what we do – but they also gave us a very gracious donation!   Two great organizations coming together!  AWESOME!

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Stella It was nearly four and one half years ago that this terminally pretty girl showed up out of nowhere at our gates.  Nobody could understand then how she could have been let go, and ever since, nobody has been able to figure how she could still be around.  Well, the wait is finally over for Stella – and for us. Stella was adopted this past Saturday — one of our “Fab Five” (Saki, Sam, Oakie and Louie being the others) who joined us between 4 and 5 years ago.  Hooray for you, girl!  Happy days.

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Remember any of these guys and gals?

annie Baylee4

 ANNIE                                           BAYLEE

Blizzard2 Cashmere0322142

BLIZZARD                                    CASHMERE

Fresca Hope3

 FRESCA                                                           HOPE

jaspa Lucky

JASPA                                                  LUCKY

Mango Max3

MANGO                                                           MAX

Merlin061414 mia

MERLIN                                       MIA

Winston2 zoey

WINSTON                                                       ZION (ZOEY)

Maybe they are now a part of your loving family and have brand new names, or maybe you had the pleasure of their company as you gave your time to them as shelter volunteers. Most definitely, all 14 of them were adopted from us in the 12-month period between August 2013 and August 2014.  Perhaps a greater distinction they share, and a source of pride to us at SOAR, is that they were first “adopted” by us (we paid the applicable adoption fees) from our county shelter in Supply.  This is in keeping with our commitment to work with our partners at Brunswick County Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services as much as we can to give homeless cats and dogs another chance (they’re on their own when it comes to the horses, chickens and ducks).

Since January 2013, we have seen a total of 21 adoptions of Animal Protective Services transfers here at SOAR.  We wish we could do more, especially with the cats, but unrelenting cat homelessness numbers are putting an enormous strain on the capabilities of us and of all the area shelters and rescue groups as they struggle to keep pace. Meanwhile, we are still looking to find homes for a number of our former Animal Protective Services dogs (Fonzie, Kita, and new arrival Clancy) and cats (Taz, April, and Caesar and Prince).  Some of our friends can tend to be with us for a while.  We guarantee them safekeeping, good health care benefits, and lots of affection for the short or the long haul.

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Cat Quarters Upgrade

Porch Remodel6Porch Remodel5

Porch Remodel4Porch Remodel3

Our FIV positive cats are the beneficiaries of some recently completed repairs and upgrades to their screened porch.  They got new framing and rails, heavy duty screening, new perches at the front corners, a new bench, and a new door.  Thanks to your generosity, these kinds of undertakings at SOAR are made possible.  Your donations in fact just helped us to replace our worn out washer and dryer and will soon be applied toward repairs to an aging SOAR van that sees heavy use in picking up supplies and donated items, and in transporting our animals to and from local veterinary hospitals and adoption events.  We are equally appreciative of all of the non-cash contributions we receive week in and week out.  On behalf of all of our pals who cannot speak for themselves (clever website postings notwithstanding), we say THANK YOU!

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Goodbye And Hello

Goodbye, Ridley…

Well now, Ridley was just too irresistible for this vacationing family from Virginia.  A few of us were lucky enough to be on hand yesterday to say our goodbyes to this terrific guy and wish all a safe journey.

. Ridley Adoption0830142

Ridley and I had actually said our goodbyes on Friday.


Gonna miss you boy — run with the wind.

…and Hello, Clancy…


…who has just joined us after a short stay at Brunswick County Sheriffs Office Animal Protective Services.  Learn more about this good looking boy on our Dogs page.


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zeetlegoos SOARBanner032214

Had to go it alone with Sadie and those irrepressible kittens of Angela’s today…

Zeetlegoo's083014…but we had ourselves a fine time meeting and greeting, right gang?  That’s right, Steve…let’s do it again real soon!  Gotta love ‘em, eh?

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cornelia's animal jam

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to honor the life of a great lady AND help support local animal rescues!  Cornelia Rogers not only loved animals but also loved to help them.  And now, even in her passing, she is doing good for those furry friends she cared so much about!  Join SOAR, along with other local animal rescues, on Sunday, September 7th from 4pm – 7pm at the Southport Community Building for the 2014 Cornelia’s Animal Jam “Party to Support Animal Rescues”.

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Bye Bye Baylee

Baylee was adopted two weeks ago after a two-month stay with us.  There was no lack of interest in her over that time span.  She is pictured here with her new human sister, Ella. Unless my eyes deceive me, Baylee is quite pleased with the turn of events.  Happy days, girls.

Baylee Adoption Baylee Adoption2

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Sadie0805143This is Miss Sadie, a real sweetie.  She joined us last week on the heels of Baylee’s adoption. See her story on our Dogs page.

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