Marking Memorial Day


Two months into a new life with his new brother Marshall, Fonzi (R) checks in to say hi, and to remind us all to take a moment today to think of those whose lives were cut short defending our freedom.

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zeetlegoos     SOAR Image

In keeping with the Memorial Day holiday, yesterday’s monthly adoption event at Zeetlegoo’s showcased some of our most ‘veteran’ cats and dogs.

Saki052315                     Louie052315



Between them, our gorgeous black and whites Saki and Louie, our lovable Coonhounds Gus and Libby, and the vivacious Lab mix Baby have put in more than their fair share of time with us hoping for that big break that they richly deserve.  Thanks to all of you who stopped to say hello and hand out a few welcome pets.  May the ‘Luck Of Zeetlegoo’s’ strike again.                             

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A Morning Of Mixed Emotions

The day began under blue skies and bright sunshine at SOAR this morning, though the mood was a bit somber with the realization that we would not actually be seeing Sheila with us on this and future Fridays.  The yard cats, oblivious to such notions, greeted us as is their custom with tails up, signaling that life somehow goes on. TailsUp Then we bid a fond farewell to Lynn, on her last Friday with us. Lynn_Farewell Lynn has worked with our dogs and helped with our adoption events since August 2012.  She’s heading off to Venice, Florida. Best wishes, Lynn.  We hope to see you again.  And then, we had a surprise visit from our friend Wrigley (now Baylee) and his Mom and Dad Susan and Lanny (off camera). WrigleyVisit Wrigley was adopted in February, not long after making the trip up from Florida with Jeannine.  Wrigley is living the good life near the beach with her sister Zoey. Wrigley_Bailey2  Way to go girl. Thanks for making our day Susan and Lanny, and thanks again for adopting.  cat-paw-brown2

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Remembering Sheila Dunne


Our good friend Sheila Dunne passed away last Thursday.  She was 76 years old.  Sheila started volunteering with us in 2003 and was most recently a regular member of our Friday cat crew.  We first crossed paths when I joined SOAR in 2005.  Besides the fact that she cared a lot about the animals, I learned two things about her straight away…She pulled no punches, and she suffered no fools.  I found her style both refreshing and often entertaining.

Sheila would slip under the SOAR radar every now and then.  She lived here on Oak Island but spent a lot of her time in Massachusetts and on Long Island.  Lots of changes would occur during her hiatus periods but Sheila would nonchalantly pick up wherever she had left off, paying little notice to it all.  She did observe once during this relatively unbroken final two year stint with us though – in typical Sheila fashion – that “that cat has been here for an awful long time.”  Sheila was referring to Toes, who had been with us since 1998 before passing late last year.

Our condolences go out to her husband Jimmy, her daughter Michele and sons Douglas and Jamie, and the extended family.  They have kindly requested that donations in Sheila’s name be made to SOAR.  God speed Sheila.  We will always remember you.

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Chub Adoption, Pt. II…”And The Living Is Easy”

Hello…hello…  Chubb (now “Grady”) to the right, holding down the sofa with his new big brother.

Chub Adoption2

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Chub Adoption

Chub Adoption

Well, it’s official, our dynamic Sonny & Chub duo has disbanded after barely a month on the circuit.  First Sonny (05/02/2015 Post, “Sonny Goes Home”), and now Chub (pictured here with his adoptive Dad) have gone to new homes.  Chub left yesterday.  He will be enjoying lots of quality play time with his big brother.  They met for the first time in the play yard here last Saturday and had a good old time.  Pleasant days Chub!

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Stella0403153 Just six weeks ago we were welcoming Stella to SOAR (04/04/2015 Post, “Welcome Stella!”).  Last Saturday we were saying our goodbyes as she left to be with her new family in Southport.  Happy days, pretty one.

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Petsense “Adoptathon” Weekend

Petsense Banner Petsense Banner SOAR ImagePetsense stores will be having their “Adoptathon” weekend May 30th and 31st.  We will be at the Shallotte store that Saturday and Sunday with some of our dogs and cats.  Please visit our Events page for more details and for any updates.  Hope to see you out there.

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This trio of canines joined us late last week from Brunswick County Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services.  See their profiles on our Dogs page.







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Louie – May 2015


This handsome dude is our featured pet this month.  A young Louie was bumming around Holden Beach when he was discovered and promptly employed as a realty ‘office cat.’ Some ladies then decided he needed a change of scenery so they brought him to SOAR. That was 7 years ago last month.  Unbelievable – - I mean just look at that boy!  Now 8 years old, Louie resides in a large open room at SOAR with nine other cats.  The gang is pretty evenly divided between the “Chiefs” and the “Indians”, with Louie’s personality positioning him squarely in that first group.  He is friendly, but not overly affectionate; he appreciates pets delivered in moderation, but he’s not the lap cat type.  These are characteristics that are shared by many cats, including my own.  Yet another change of scenery for Louie is long overdue.  Be the one to make it happen.  We can always find another Chief to fill the void.    

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Lieutenant Tolley Comes To The Rescue – Again

Director of Brunswick County Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services Lt. Tommy Tolley once again donated his time to help us work on our dog handling skills (see March 2015 Archives, “Thank You Lieutenant Tolley”).  Yesterday’s session was about handling techniques in the presence of other canines and humans….Training0505156 Training0505155

and techniques for introducing canines to one another…Training0505153 Training050515 …

…As it turned out, much of the session was a lesson in patiently waiting one’s turn – for the dogs and the volunteers…



Once again, thank you Tommy.  You are a true friend of SOAR.

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Hooray For Lily!


This lovely lady from Delco settled into the right lap at the right time last Saturday at SOAR.  Her perfect timing turned out to be her ticket to a new home in St. James.  It was about time for the pretty 3-year old, who I never would have guessed was to spend over two years with us looking for that furever home.  If I know Lily, she will need a little time to adjust to her new life, but she will be worth the wait.  Keep in touch girl.

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Sammie’s Back

April,Sammie&Anderson100314 Sammie is pictured here to the right of old pals Anderson and April two months prior to his November 2014 adoption.  He came back to SOAR last week.  Sammie celebrates his 9th birthday this month.  Read his story on our Cats page.

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Party Furr The Paws 2015

It was good times Friday night at the Southport Community Building.  The friends of SOAR came out in force.  On behalf of our furry friends we thank all of you for your generous support.  Special thanks go to our guests Donna Lawrence, with Susie and Baby Girl.  Special thanks as well go to Michelle and her event team for all their hard work on behalf of SOAR.  See you next year.

PFTP050115  PFTP0501152


PFTP0501154 There are many more pics posted on our Facebook page.  Check them out at

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Sonny Goes Home

It took young Sonny less than three weeks to find himself a new home in the great state of Illinois.  His new Mom and Dad were at SOAR yesterday morning to pick him up.

Sonny Adoption

Sonny will be living with them and their 14-year old Rottie/Shepherd mix.  Happy days, boy.  Keep in touch.

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Doodle is the orange and white; Blue is the smokey grey Russian Blue type.  They came to stay with us for awhile just yesterday.  See more about these boys on our Cats page.

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Prince0220152 Sassy041715

PRINCE                                                SASSY

These two kids are roommates in a new home in Shallotte as of last Saturday.  The adoption comes as a sweet 5th birthday present for Prince, and after exactly one year in his second tour with us (see his Cats page profile).  Cutie pie Sassy on the other hand had a short two month stay at SOAR.  You know that ‘Luck of Zeetlegoo’s’ I keep talking about? Well, Sassy went to Zeetlegoo’s last month with Frankie.  That would be the same Frankie who just moved to Leland.  You tell me.  Pleasant days kids.

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zeetlegoos SOAR Image

It was Layla and Lyla Day at Zeetlegoo’s yesterday with Gus making an appearance as their special guest.  They drew lots of attention, and with the way the ‘Luck of Zeetlegoo’s’ is running of late……

Zeetlegoo's0425152 Zeetlegoo's042515

(L to R Dan, Lynn and Sarah with Layla, Lyla and Gus.  The cats got the Saturday off.)

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A Sight For SOAR Eyes

Baby Bear Visit0422152  Baby Bear Visit042215

It has been just a little over 4 months since her adoption, but a visit from this girl can never be too soon.  I have been privileged to see some landmark adoptions in my 10+ years with SOAR and Baby Bear’s was surely one of the special ones.  BB (now Cheyenne) paid us a visit last Wednesday from her furever home in Wilmington.  She was neatly coiffed and just the picture of good health.  There she is on the right, remembering her old house – the one she had moved into as a very insecure young lady two years ago this month.  What a journey! This is what it’s all about.  We love you Baby Bear.  Come back soon.

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Brandy…Cat Room Helper

Brandy has been complaining about conditions in the back room of late, so today I invited her to try her hand at dealing with the mess.  She took the bait, but lasted all of about 5 minutes before ‘throwing in the blanket’…

Brandy0424152 Okay, Steve, I’ve got all my stuff lined up…What next?…

Brandy042415 Back off, Oliver…I’m working here…

Brandy0424154 ”Ooh-ooh that smell…Can’t you smell that smell”…

Brandy0424153 All right…I concede…nap time.

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Frankie packed his bags for Leland and his new home last Friday just 2 months following his arrival at SOAR.  Frankie went to Zeetlegoo’s with us last month so we can only conclude that the ‘luck of Zeetlegoo’s’ is no myth.  Good luck, boy.  It was a pleasure.

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Sonny0414152 Chub041415

     SONNY                                           CHUB

These two young men joined us this week after a short stay with our friends at Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Animal Protective Services.  Their profiles can be found on our Dogs page.

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Thank You Kelley’s


While they were in the area for Easter last week, the Kelley family dropped in for a visit.  We’re sure glad they did.  They made a cash donation, plus the kids brought food and toys that they had purchased with their Easter money.  On behalf of our cats and dogs we say thank you very much to our friends the Kelley’s.

cat-paw-brown cat-paw-brown cat-paw-browncat-paw-brown

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This pretty Tortoiseshell is our newest feline.  She is so special that she even has her own real bedroom for now.  Check out her story on our Cats page.

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“Kita the Keets” went off to Kentucky with his new mom Lisa and new sister Dixie earlier this week.

Kita Adoption Kita Adoption3

Since January of 2013, Kita was the 30th of the 30 canines to find permanent homes with us after having been brought in from Brunswick County Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services.  Kita, we had a good time these past 15 months.  Go with the wind, and with your pal Dixie.  Thanks for adopting, Lisa.  We look forward to seeing you and Kita next time you are out this way.

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