More Thanks

Recent grad Ryan and his family send their Thanksgiving wishes our way.  Quite a number of Ryan pics have adorned our Website and Facebook pages since his August departure – this one’s a real jewel.  Penny for your thoughts, boy?  Thanks folks.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Ryan Update3

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Giving Thanks

Sparkie-Dixie112415 Safely back within the SOAR gates, Dixie strikes a pensive pose following yesterday’s outing.  Our 7-year vet might be giving thanks for all that we have given her, but dreaming of another chance at adoption.  See her profile on our Dogs page.

On behalf of all of our furry kids, we give thanks to all of you who have helped us help them.  May your Thanksgiving be filled with thankful thoughts.

SOAR Logo2

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Say hello to Tux, who hails from the same former home as does Dylia.  Tux is profiled on our Dogs page.

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‘Rescue The Rescue’ Update

Rescue The Rescue

Many of you may be wondering about the status of our effort to assume ownership of SOAR.  Our ‘Rescue The Rescue’ campaign will continue until December 31, by which time we hope to formalize a purchase agreement.  We are decidedly optimistic about where we are right now and what we can get done in the next 40 days.  Through our various fundraising efforts, and thanks to your generosity, almost $50,000 has been raised since we launched our campaign 6 months ago.  We are humbled by your outpouring of support.  Please know that it is not too late to make your contribution toward keeping SOAR alive.  Thank you so much.  From all of us at SOAR, have a great Thanksgiving Day.

SOAR Logo2

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Alumni Updates

Dallas Update Ryan Update2                                                                              DAISY (ex DALLAS)                RYAN                                                                                              Lyla Update                                                                                                               LYLA

Daisy (ex Dallas) – Class of 2012 and Ryan and Lyla – Class of 2015, checked in with us in recent days courtesy of their moms Ashley, Heather and Melanie.  Thanks for keeping in touch you guys.  Happy Birthday wishes go to Mr. Ryan who celebrates his 1st b’day this month.                                                                                        

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Will Adopted

Will Adoption Will had his big day yesterday, going home with former SOAR volunteer and good friend Karen.  Pleasant days you two…stop by when you get a chance.

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This 5-year old Border Collie mix just joined our kennel club.  She is profiled on our Dogs page.

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Petsense Banner


Louie, Tommy, Blue, Oliver, Allie and Murphy were all in top form at Petsense yesterday, and their timing was perfect.  With one of VIP Petcare’s “Community Vet Clinics” going on inside the store, we saw a steady stream of greeters of all ages and sizes.  The exposure was priceless.

Petsense111415     Petsense11141512                                        Petsense1114152     Petsense11141511                                  Petsense1114153     Petsense1114156                                                         Petsense1114158     Petsense1114154               Petsense1114159     Petsense11141510                                                                    Petsense1114157

Thanks to volunteers Sarah, Dan, Petra and Judy and to all who stopped to chat with us and spend some time with our terrific cats and dogs.  And thank you, Petsense.  We hope to see you again soon.

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Petsense Banner


Join us this Saturday (11/14) at Petsense (Shallotte Crossing Center across from Belk) from 10:00 to 1:30.

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“Somebody’s Baby”…

…”Yeah, she’s got to be somebody’s Baby”, but of course, just not ours anymore…

Baby Update

Yep, she’s Barbara and Mike’s Baby since that landmark day in June, but she hasn’t forgotten us.  Baby, who turns 7 years old this month, says “hi y’all” from her Calabash furever home.  I say “Happy Birthday, girl” and thanks for keeping in touch.

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Checked Out

We even leave treats on their pillows at night and yet they still rush to get out of here.  But hey, who can blame them – a furever home is what it’s all about.  Happy days to our kids…

Aidyn0929152     Zoe0929152                                 AIDYN                                                                      ZOE                                                                             Kyra1016152                                                                                                                 KYRA

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Checked In


Say hello to Tommy, our latest arrival.  He is certified 100% lap cat.  See Tommy’s profile on our Cats page.

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Checking In Too

Fonzi_Update          Gus_Update3

2015 grads Fonzi and Gus sent us these Halloween pics via their former Foster Mom, Sarah.  I’m thinking the Fonz might be at least an inch taller than he was when he left us in March.  And Gus, I guess you’ve discovered that the spiders are a lot bigger in Florida, huh bud?  Good to hear from you guys.  Pleasant days.

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Checking In

Roxy (Indie) Update Indie (ex Roxy), a 2012 SOAR graduate, sent us a pic from her 5th birthday celebration yesterday.  Happy birthday, Indie…Many more! And then today, Scuba (ex Julia), SOAR 2005 graduating class, checked in with this pic from a recent cat sitting gig. Scuba Update

Thanks to all for keeping those alumni news lines open.

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…”The Gang’s All Here”…

St. James Woof & Wag …Well, almost anyway.  Proudly representing SOAR at Sunday’s “Woof & Wag” at the St. James Waterway Park are (L-R), Oliver w/Ramona; Will w/Josh; Zack w/Dan and Michelle; Allie w/Sarah; Murphy w/Linda and Zoey w/Mary.  ***Photography compliments of our director, Cathy.***  Not pictured are Dixie and Kyra who graciously – and bravely – accepted the assignment to stay behind and keep an eye on things back at SOAR.  Thank you, St. James Service Club for inviting us.

Oh yeah, and what about Jackson and Piper?  Well, you see, they were not available because they had just been ADOPTED.  Hooray!                                                                                          Jackson Adoption           Piper Adoption                                          JACKSON                                                 PIPER                                                              

Happy days, you two.  Thanks for adopting, guys.

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‘Bone’ Appetite

Bone Appetite2

Thank you to Teresa and our friends at the Southport Hampton Inn for treating our dogs to home-made cookie bones during a recent visit to SOAR.  Judging from Murphy’s reaction, there can be little doubt as to their tastiness.  Murphy, did you save some for the rest of the gang?

Bone Appetite

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 National Cat Day

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Welcome “WILL”


This curly haired boy moved in late last week.  Get the story on Will by clicking on our Dogs page.

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zeetlegoos   SOAR Image

It was a wonderful day in the neighborhood Saturday – the Zeetlegoo’s neighborhood…  Zeetlegoo's1024153 Zeetlegoo's1024152                                        ALLIE w/Sarah                         “Action” JACKSON w/Dan                                   

Now my adoption day team had not an inkling, but we (I mean, “I”) ran a “cutest pet” contest just for fun, and the winner was selected by – right – yours truly (such is the prerogative of the event organizer), and that winner was…sorry Allie, sorry Jackson…drum roll please…that darling brother and sister act, just way too cute for the weekend…                              Zeetlegoo's1024156 Zeetlegoo's1024155                                                                   .Zeetlegoo's1024154 …BAXTER and DIXIE 

Thanks to Dan, Mary, Josh and Sara for helping out, and to all you folks who stopped by and who would have definitely voted as I did if you only had the chance.

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Paws Place LogoSOAR Image                              We at SOAR are saddened to learn of the passing of Justin Durso, son of Peggy and Tony Durso of Paws Place Dog Rescue in Winnabow.  Donations in honor of Justin may be sent to:

Paws Place Dog Rescue                                                                                                                            3701 E. Boiling Spring Rd.                                                                                                                     Winnabow, NC  28479

They may also be made online at

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Pet Stories For Grants

  Rescue The Rescue

petco logo

We have just learned that the Petco Foundation would like to award grants to animal welfare groups like us who have friends like you who submit winning stories of how your adopted pets have made a difference in your lives.  It’s called the “Holiday Wishes” Grant Campaign, and what a holiday it would be for us to cap off our Rescue The Rescue campaign with a grant from Petco in the amount of $5,000 – $100,000.  We know there are lots of amazing SOAR graduate stories out there, and great pictures to go with them.  For detailed information go to  Be sure to review the “Holiday Wishes FAQ.”  When you are ready to create your story click on “Submit your story.”  Here is the contact information that must be part of your submission:

Southport/Oak Island Animal Rescue                                                                                                 Catherine Robbins Fitzgerald, Manager/Director                                                                                                                                                                                        910-457-6340

Stories and pictures can be submitted through October 31.  Blue and Madison say “thanks for helping SOAR help us.”   Blue0925154

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Friends Check In

Say hello again to these distinguished SOAR grads…

Lizzy Taylor                                                                                ROCKSEA (ex LIZZY TAYLOR - Class of 2002)                                                                                             Chaz Update     Chaz                  NUCKY (ex CHAZ – Class of 2012)                “CHAZZY” at SOAR in 2012                                                                    Layla Update                                                                                                           LAYLA (Class of 2015)

Thanks for keeping in touch with us you guys.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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Ms. Lyla’s recent adoption leaves us with a vacancy to fill in our “Go To” position, so we have begun the search for a replacement.  Last week I looked at Jackson for his ability to engage our other dogs in healthy social activity – such as play.  I chose the brand new Zoey for his tryout partner.  I witnessed lots of running and rolling and tumbling and to cut to the chase (no pun…), Jackson definitely passed this initial test.  The highlight for me was a game of Keep Away in which Zoey politely rebuffed the advances of Mr. Jackson in his attempts to separate her from her tennis ball.  Round 1 to Zoey…                                       Jackson&Zoey101615     Jackson&Zoey1016152                                                                    Jackson&Zoey1016154                                                                                                   Jackson&Zoey1016153                                             

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Kyra And Murphy

Kyra1016154     Murphy101615                                                                   KYRA                                             MURPHY

Kyra and Murphy also arrived this past week and have had their first Heartworm shots. They will be ready to be adopted following their treatments.  See their profiles on our Dogs page.

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At long last, with Caesar’s adoption this week so concludes – again – “A Tale Of Two Brothers from SOAR.”  We thought that tale had begun and ended back in 2010 with the departure of two kittens named Cody and Will for their new home in the sun.  Fast forward to April 2014 and Cody and Will are back at SOAR with new identities as Caesar and Prince.  One year later Prince (the erstwhile Will) departs – again.  Then 6 months after that, Caesar (yes, the erstwhile Cody)…well, like we already said.  Happy days, Caese.  It was a pleasure.

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