cornelia's animal jam

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to honor the life of a great lady AND help support local animal rescues!  Cornelia Rogers not only loved animals but also loved to help them.  And now, even in her passing, she is doing good for those furry friends she cared so much about!  Join SOAR, along with other local animal rescues, on Sunday, September 7th from 4pm – 7pm at the Southport Community Building for the 2014 Cornelia’s Animal Jam “Party to Support Animal Rescues”.

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Bye Bye Baylee

Baylee was adopted two weeks ago after a two-month stay with us.  There was no lack of interest in her over that time span.  She is pictured here with her new human sister, Ella. Unless my eyes deceive me, Baylee is quite pleased with the turn of events.  Happy days, girls.

Baylee Adoption Baylee Adoption2

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Sadie0805143This is Miss Sadie, a real sweetie.  She joined us last week on the heels of Baylee’s adoption. See her story on our Dogs page.

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While They’re Young

One half of Angela’s recent litter remains with us at SOAR (two whites and a grey pictured with mom in the background prior to her adoption).  Not a day goes by that they are not heard clamoring for a permanent home.  They are now about 14 weeks old and ready to brighten somebody’s life.  How about yours?  Come on out to see them.



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“Baloo” Needs Surgery

Baloo is the adopted Labrador Retriever of a local couple.  They need help with paying for Baloo’s knee surgery and are asking for SOAR’s help in raising awareness of their plight in the local community.  We are doing just that as an organization for whom animal welfare is obviously a core concern, and in support of those who adopt from local shelters and rescue groups and who practice responsible pet ownership.  Please see the Courtesy Listings on our Animals page for additional information.



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Think you got the cutest pet around???  Well, let us see!!!!!!

dapper dog funny cat

Get your cute pics in now for your pets chance to be in the SOAR 2nd Annual Cutest Pet Calendar Contest!!!!  Click on the events tab for more information and to print out the rules and entry forms!!!!!  This contest is NOT limited to just the Oak Island/Southport area!  So tell all your friends and family EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

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Angela’s Kittens

Domino&Jet Adoption

Hey, Angela…Two more of your kids have found homes.  There’s Domino and Jet in the cattery with their new human sister, Maggie.  That’s 3 adopted now, 3 still with us.  Hope you are having fun at your new home.  If you see Blackjack, tell him we said hi.

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A Black Anniversary

marshaJuly 2 was the 10th anniversary of the darkest day in SOAR history. Volunteers arriving early in the morning to care for the animals were met by a sight that they did not expect and hope to never, ever see again. There were dead cats everywhere and they had died a most brutal death. And in the main cattery were two blood covered, sleeping, pit bull dogs. Somehow during the night they had gotten access to SOAR property and went on a cat killing spree. After they had killed all of the outside cats that they could catch they went into the main cattery and continued the carnage. Only when there were no more cats within their reach did they stop. They slaughtered 15 cats.

Many law enforcement officials came as did the news media. Papers and national TV aired the story. While the owner of the dogs was quickly identified it was never determined just how the dogs gained access to what we thought were secure areas.  Obviously, they were not secure enough.

The volunteers were devastated.  They fed them, cleaned their cages, and played with and petted them every day.  They loved these cats very much.

The ashes of Dusty, Big Boy, Pete, Ashby, Sebastian, Oreo, Wyndie, Tigger, Friendly, Sasha, Arby, Trixie, Heath, Toola, and Holly were scattered in the SOAR cemetery and a monument to their memory put in place. If you come to SOAR please stop by the cemetery and pay your respects.

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Angela And Merlin Find Homes

It has been one of the best weeks in quite some time for our furry friends — Cashmere and Whinnie, then Chomper, and now Angela…

Angela Adoption

and Merlin…

Merlin Adoption

have found homes.

A kind friend who adopted from us in the past had rescued Angela and her 6 babies in Kure Beach.  After a short stay with us, she is off to live with the friend of the young man who not very long ago reclaimed Blackjack from us after he went missing four years earlier (see “Full Circle” post from April 2014).  That leaves us with 5 happy and healthy youngsters (one was adopted last week), now about 10 weeks old.  Merlin had an equally short stay with us after coming in from Animal Protective Services.  The easy going Chow should have no difficulty integrating into his new family, which includes a Border Collie/Chow mix of the same age.  Happy days, all.

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Cody And Will Return

Caesar0711142 Prince0711142

Back in April 2010, these two guys came to us as rambunctious little cuties, rescued from the wilds of nearby South Harbor along with their mother.  By that August, they were adopted.  Cody and Will they were then; now they are back as Caesar and Prince.  They must have missed our hospitality.  Read more about them on our Cats page.

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mr davesChomper Adoption071214Chomper was just too charming for new mom Linda at today’s HD Dave’s Pet Store/Joanne’s Loving Touch Pet Grooming adoption event, so off he went with her.  Enjoy, Chomper and Linda!

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mr davesJoin SOAR tomorrow (Saturday, July 11th) at HD Dave’s Pet Store and Joanne’s Loving Touch Pet Grooming – 5008 East Oak Island Drive – from 11am – 1pm for ADOPTION DAY!!!!!

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Whinnie&Cashmere051614Cashmere (L) and Whinnie will be continuing the friendship they cultivated while with us at SOAR with a new family in a new state.  Maybe it’s because I had very recently updated their profiles, or maybe they simply had put in their quota of appearances at Zeetlegoo’s Adoption Days–we’ll never know.  All we can say is that it couldn’t have happened to a sweeter pair of felines.

Whinnie had joined us in October 2013 via one of a number of exchanges we have completed over time with our friends at Adopt-An-Angel.  She had come to them via New Hanover County Animal Services.  Cashmere joined us with her newborns last July via Gary and Tammy from Oak Island Animal Control (Brunswick County Animal Protective Services).  I will especially miss her, as I with many other volunteers watched her blossom from a very tentative young mom to quite the self assured center of the social scene in the cattery.  Happy Days, girls!

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Irresistible Ridley

Ridley0620143 Ridley062014

This Chesapeake Bay Retriever is an absolute gem.  Catch up with Ridley on our Dogs page.

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zeetlegoosSOAR Banner

Cashmere, Lilly, Baylee and Chomper were with us at Zeetlegoo’s yesterday for what turned out to be a pretty busy Saturday out front in spite of some on-and-off rain showers. Long time friends Cashmere and Lilly seemed to find some ‘strength in numbers’…


…While brand new friends Baylee and Chomper worked crowd control.


Toward the end of the event, Luette is beaming as Baylee continues to get some serious attention from a potential new mom, perhaps?  Keep your fingers crossed.


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Our May 30 Party Furr The Paws netted $5500 from a combination of donations and sponsorships, and from proceeds from raffles, silent auctions, and a total of 130 tickets sold.  Thank you so much one and all!

Where will this money go, you may ask.  Perhaps some pictures will tell it best…

madison 002 - Copy

FIV4062714 Kita1

Sammie Fonzie061014

FELV3062714 lyla new

Dinah Allie052814

FELV4062714 023

To “The Paws” — they are why we exist, and their needs are many.  They need monthly health maintenance meds (we spend $500 each month alone on Revolution for the cats), leashes and collars, vaccinations and surgeries, heat and air conditioning.  The cats need a new roof over their heads; the dogs need some new igloos and ultimately, new all-weather kennels (the “kennel fund”).  We need a new washer and dryer to keep their beds and blankets and everything else clean.  And so, we will be putting the $5500 to very good use. Those faces don’t lie.


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Chomper062014   Dixie0624142

  CHOMPER                                           DIXIE

Meet our latest arrivals at SOAR – check out their stories on our Dogs and our Cats pages.

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In Memory Of Pender

Pender  This is a sad day for SOAR as our dear friend Pender had to leave us this morning, a victim of cancer.  He was around 8 – 9 years old.   Those of us lucky enough to have known him will remember Pender as the very sweet boy in the first kennel on the left – the one now belonging to Gus – who often would politely decline a walk down a dusty road in favor of a few savory treats to be enjoyed in the comfort of “his room.”

Pender and Baby came to us on the same January day in 2011 from Pender County Animal Services.  Through the occasional seizures and the chronic discomfort from the polyps that were eventually removed, he was ever SOAR’s sweet boy.  Last June, he accompanied Jeannine back to Florida to enjoy with her what was to be the best and last year of his life. To Jeannine, we send out our heartfelt condolences.  To Pender we say, “some sunny day, boy.”

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adoption pic

Join SOAR this Saturday, June 21st, 2014 from 11am – 1pm at Sand2Suds (formerly Pet Stop), 8308 East Oak Island Drive for Pet Adoption Day!!!!  See you then!!!!

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Here’s Merlin…

Merlin0614143 Merlin061414

Mellow Merlin just arrived via our friends at Animal Protective Services.  See his story on our Dogs page.

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I went back to PetSense yesterday to visit with Fresca again.  Nobody was home — Fresca had been adopted to a “nice couple” sometime between Monday and yesterday.  Great news for all of us Fresca fans!  Best wishes girl.  Many thanks to our friends at Adopt-An-Angel.

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Baby Bear

BabyBear&Linda052814 Allie&BabyBear0519142

This vivacious 18 month old Collie (Border?)/Shepherd (Aussie?) mix getting pets from SOAR volunteer Linda and lusting after best pal Allie’s tennis ball has been with us since April 2013, but is making her first appearance on our site (see our Dogs page as well). Baby Bear was found as a stray at a Wilmington construction site, about 6 months old and pretty much scared of her shadow.  We took her in, and so began a painstaking task of trying to rehabilitate Baby Bear using lots of consistent interaction with both humans and other dogs.  Over time, we have made significant progress with Baby Bear, helping her overcome fears by gaining her trust through measured doses of socialization and by giving her access to exercise and play.  Things she would not do initially – accept pets, take treats from the hand, play around and with humans, etc., she will do now.  The pictures above are not those of an “extremely scared dog”, or a dog “petrified of people” (June 2014 issue of PawPrints) – words that might have been accurate a year ago, but not today.

This is not to say that Baby Bear is now footloose and fancy free.  She can still be hesitant around humans, still get nervous and look to retreat in certain circumstances and situations., but we do think we are at a point now where a fostering arrangement should be explored.  If you are interested in fostering Baby Bear, we would like to talk to you.  Please call us at 457-6340.  We are especially interested in placing her in an environment where she has room to play and in which there is at least one other dog that would be more than happy to oblige her.  We have found that exercise and play, particularly with a willing canine companion, seems to take her focus away from her insecurities – so the more the better.

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Here’s our girl Fresca circa December 2010 when she joined us at SOAR from Brunswick County Animal Services.  Inexplicably, this laid back Russian Blue mix with the gorgeous green eyes had been with us over three years until last month, when we transferred her to Adopt-An-Angel in exchange for a young Feline Leukemia positive cat that we are uniquely in a position to shelter.  We have high hopes that our Adopt-An-Angel friends will be successful in placing Fresca in a loving home, thus bringing  great joy to so many of us who have come to love her.

So where is our girl now?  Well, she’s hanging out at Petsense, a pet store in the Shallotte Crossing Center (in Shallotte), on the east (Chili’s) side of Main St. – across the way from Belk.  Adopt-An-Angel, like many rescue groups that do not operate shelters, will offer their cats for adoption at various local area pet stores like a Petsense.  I caught up with Fresca there yesterday and was happy to see that she looked quite good.  She was soaking up the pets as best as I could deliver them to her in her undersized cage which, alas, is her 24 X 7 home right now.  A Petsense employee told me she’s definitely had some interest, but there she remains.  Same old story.  Let’s hope something breaks for Fresca soon.

Fresca is currently featured in the June 2014 issue of PawPrints magazine (pg. 44).  She is also on Petfinder, and on Adopt-An-Angel’s website (  For more information contact Adopt-An-Angel at 910-392-0557.

Stop by and see Fresca.  I guarantee she’ll be glad you did.   Petsense is at 110 Shallotte Crossing Parkway, 910-754-9073.  They are open Monday-Saturday, 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM; Sunday, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

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Honor Grad Mango

You haven’t forgotten him already, have you?  This is Mango at SOAR moments before leaving with his adoptive Mom and Dad on August 4, 2013…WP_20130803_003…Catch up with Mr. Mango by clicking on our Honor Grads page.

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Gale Hess

With much sadness we report the passing of our friend Gale Hess.  Gale passed away peacefully at her home on June 5.  She was 61 years old.

Gale was a dedicated SOAR volunteer between 2008 and 2012., first working with our dogs, and later taking on support responsibilities with our finances and our correspondence.  She was also heavily involved in the organization of our very successful Fall Fest fundraisers.

Gale loved animals.  In September 2009 she adopted our little poodle mix Pierre, who had been always at her side while he was living – and Gale was working – in the house that includes our office and clinic.  Pierre joined the Hess family as “Pete.”  Pete was then always with Gale when she would come out to SOAR, such was the strong bond between them.  I remember Pete’s eventual passing hitting Gale very hard.

Services for Gale will be held at 3:00 PM on June 21 at Peacock-Newman & White, 1411 N. Howe St., in Southport.  Visitation will precede the services at 2:00 PM.  For additional information, including the full obituary, go to



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