Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year it was SOAR dog Jaspa who did the honors.  This year, honors fall to three of our distinguished “yard cats” – members of our highly skilled team of parking lot greeters

Yard Cats4

- to give thanks to their friends and caretakers at SOAR, and to all of you SOAR supporters.  We hope you have much to be thankful for too.

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Shoes for SOAR

Check out the information about our shoe collection for $$ on the events page!!!!

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Our boy Sammie is seen here in a recent photo assuming his favorite position as lord of one of the cattery’s back rooms (ladies in waiting April and Anderson are in the background).  The girls are now interviewing new candidates for top cat honors as Sammie has officially abdicated and as of last Saturday has a new home and some nice humans as his devoted subjects.  The then 6-year old Sammie came to us from Cary, NC with housemate Cassie back in April 2012 (Cassie was adopted this past January).  To be sure, Sammie has lived a pampered life at SOAR – maybe a little too pampered as evidenced by the distinct sag in his mattress in the photo.  Perhaps the change in scenery will inspire him to lay off of the treats.  Congratulations boy.  We’ll miss you!

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THE CALENDARS THAT IS!!!  Here is a sneak peak at our cover models for the 2015 Cutest Pet Contest Calendar!  And just let me tell you – the competition was fierce this year!  The judging panel had an extremely difficult time deciding on the featured pets!  Here are just a few of the competitors!  Get your calendar now to see all of the entries as well as the chosen monthly pets!


Calendars are available NOW at SOAR as well as Grape & Ale - 8521 East Oak Island Drive.  After Friday, November 21st, they will also be available at Joannes Loving Touch Pet Grooming 5008 East Oak Island Drive.  Calendars are $15.00 each and all proceeds go to benefit SOAR!  They make awesome Christmas presents for the pet lovers in your life!  So get one today!!!!!!

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SOAR Dogs Get A Break

Our dogs will be toastier this Winter in their new K-9 Kondos seen below.

New Dog House2

 New Dog House

SOAR’s Board of Directors approved the purchase of 12 “kondos”, and they are now ready for occupancy – just in time for this November chill.  They feature zinc-plated steel exterior walls and a 3/4″ layer of foam insulation in the steel floors and in the interior walls.  The ceilings get a full one inch of insulation, which is where it is needed the most.  The kondos are “chew-proof”, cannot rot or rust, and are easy to clean and disinfect.  Accessory wall-mounted heaters can be added should we one day add a power source to the kennel area.

The bottom line cost to us, after applying our animal rescue discount, was $4,665.00.  The money for the kondos plus some new tarps for the kennel perimeter fencing came out of our “kennel fund.”  The Board agreed that providing these accessories for our dogs was completely in line with the fund’s overall objective of bringing them added comfort via the eventual “all-weather” conversion of the outdoor kennels.  The conversion initiative is alive and well, and the kennel fund balance, post expenditure, remains a very healthy $46K thanks to all of you who have supported us with your contributions in recent years. We look forward to your continued support, and to the day when we have enough money in the fund to commence construction activity.

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needs a hug

Lyla was happy to have her buddy Duke back to play with and showed him how much with a great big hug!  Unfortunately Duke is back at the rescue with us – not because he was bad (he’s a sweetheart and an awesome snuggler), or not because the person that adopted him didn’t adore him!  It was because the landlord didn’t want a big dog in the rental house!  Well – sometimes things happen!  But we gladly took Duke back until we can find him his new “furr-ever” home!  Until then Lyla will keep handing out hugs!

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sand 2 suds 3

Just in time for Christmas! Superior Portraits will be at Sand2Suds Pet Grooming on Oak Island,  Monday November 10th from 12-8pm. Go by and sign up for a time. There is a $15.00 session fee due when you sign up. At that time you will be given a certificate for a free 8×10 of your choice. They will be offering several different settings incl. Christmas and fall. Also offering different packages to choose from incl. Christmas cards. And the best part…. all proceeds made by Sand2Suds for the session fees WILL BE DONATED TO S.O.A.R! So go on in and get some great pictures made and help our local no kill shelter! Please call with any questions you may have. — at Sand2Suds Pet Grooming. 910.278.1111


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Say Goodbye To Duke

Seems like we were just saying hello to the boy!  Oh well, here he is with his new dad bidding us a fond farewell.

Duke Adoption

Happy days, Dukie.

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Happy National Cat Day!…

…And in recognition of this important day, we are spotlighting young brothers Casper and Blizzard.


These two cuties are almost 6 months old.  They have been with us since they were little babies.  Their mother, Angela, and four other brothers and sisters joined us in May of this year.  We have been chronicling the family’s journey to adoption over these recent months (07/14 – “Angela And Merlin Find Homes”; 07/18 – “Angela’s Kittens”; 08/06 – “While They’re Young”), and now it has come down to Casper and Blizzard.  We hope it will soon be their time.  See more about them on our Cats page.

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zeetlegoos SOAR Image

A splendid Autumn day it was for us and our featured pals at Zeetlegoo’s yesterday.


Dave applies a firm hand to an excited Ollie as he and partner in crime Baby Bear ready to meet and greet their adoring public.


While our pretty little tortoiseshell, Dixie, looks on in complete nonchalance.

Postscript: We had one fewer passenger for our return trip to SOAR, as Ollie, by golly, got himself ADOPTED.  Hooray for you boy!  Go with the wind!

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Say Hello To Duke

Duke has just joined us from Animal Protective Services…

Duke102414 …Please visit our Dogs page to learn more about young Mr. Duke.

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For many of us at SOAR the 2014 Major League Baseball playoffs and World Series aren’t our only source of ball playing entertainment these days.  When it comes to that, we have a couple of girls who can put on just as good a show right here in our exercise yard…and they can do it any time of the year!  They are 6-year old Baby and 8-year old Dixie, two SOAR veterans (Baby is closing in on 5 years with us; Dixie on 6) who obviously have plenty of life left in those lookalike bodies.  Each of them on their own would make a fine addition to at least a moderately active family.  And the two together….well, that would be doubling your fun…


Dixie (L) and Baby queue up for the ceremonial first toss.

Sparkie-Dixie100714                                         Baby1007143

The girls report back for more (and more) duty, completing many fetch-and-return runs. Our throwing arms usually give out before the girls can reach their running limits.


 Energy spent, Baby proudly displays the tools of her trade…


                                          …While Dixie prefers to snack on hers.

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SOAR’s Wonderful World Of Cats

Dinah1003142                        Dinah100814

OK, so it’s no Taj Mahal…                                       It still beats this dump!


 Take it back – I ordered wings, not legs.


 Still think cats don’t have hierarchies?


A lonesome bag of “Greenies”…


Oven Roasted Chicken – my fave!


Arrggh…I hate these darn bags!!

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OLLIE, By Golly

This is young Mr. Ollie who arrived just about two weeks ago.  See Ollie’s story on our Dogs page.

Ollie0930142 Ollie0930143

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Poor Lyla — she’s going to have to get a new boyfriend (09/16/14 Post – “Love Will Find A Way”), as the dashing Mr. Owen has found himself a nice new home.  Owen dropped by the shelter today with his adoptive dad…

Owen Adoption

…to brag on his exciting new lifestyle as a beach boy.  Awesome, dude!  Just don’t forget your friends back at the shelter.  Stay in touch.


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We invite you to visit our SOAR People page and meet some of the men and women who make up the SOAR team.  We have more faces and names to add so check back with us from time to time.

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Honor Grad Ziggy


Visit our Honor Grads page for the Ziggy story.

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bkMeet Bonne Nuit (aka BK – Blind Kitty) – she has been chosen as the 2015 Peoples Choice Winner in the SOAR Cutest Pet Calendar Contest.  You can see her on the front cover of the calendars which are now available for pre-order for $14.00 each plus shipping (1-4 calendars $3 or 5-10 calendars $5).  You can order by sending your information and check to SOAR or by paypal or credit card on the website (just click on the donate button – be sure to put “calendar order” and the number of calendars in the “message” box).  Don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number.

Thank You to everyone that entered your pet.  And Thank You to all our local businesses that placed an ad in the calendar!  There is no way that we could have a successful fundraiser without your support!

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zeetlegoos SOAR Image

Kita was unquestionably the main attraction at this month’s adoption day at Zeetlegoo’s.

Zeetlegoo's0927142 Zeetlegoo's092714

The old guy on his right was just along for the ride.  There were so many “if only’s” and “would-a/could-a’s” from a steady stream of admirers that I lost count.  You know where you can find him folks…

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Three weeks!  That’s all the time it took for Clancy to get his discharge – with honors.  That makes it 22 of 24 Animal Protective Services cats and dogs we have been able to place since 01/01/13.

Clancy Adoption2

Clancy with Cathy and his new mom (R) on adoption day.

Clancy Adoption

Captain Clancy napping on his boat the day after.

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You can go to our events page NOW and vote for the People’s Choice Cutest Pet.  $1.00 per vote.  Voting will run thru Friday, October 3rd!

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Louise Burevitch – “Mrs B’

SOAR, and the world, lost a great woman this past Saturday.   Louise Burevitch died.   She was 97.   She was an animal lover and great philanthropist.    She gave so generously to so many organizations and causes and a lot of them were animal related.   She was one of SOAR’s greatest benefactors; second only to the person who founded SOAR, Jeannine Bicknell.  We will miss her.   Please read her obituary and you will get a sense of the wonderful person that she was. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/rockymounttelegram/obituary.aspx?n=louise-oriole-burevitch&pid=172543276

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“Love Will Find A Way”

It’s unlikely that Pablo Cruise got the inspiration for their 1978 hit recording from a couple of lovelorn shelter canines, but what can we say…


Lyla&Owen0916142 …seeing is believing.  Lyla (R) and Owen turned today’s workout into a lovefest right before our very eyes.  This is the stuff that makes us glad to be a part of SOAR.  If you are looking for a companion – canine or feline – consider adoption, and consider SOAR.  We are open Monday to Wednesday and Friday, 8:00-12:00, and Saturday, 10:00-2:00.  See you when you get here.

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Shout out to the Adams Family who adopted Indie Girl (formerly Roxy) in December 2012.  She is now having the time of her life living in Wrightsville Beach, hanging out in the boat with her two best buds – her human bros!  Her “Mom” tells us that Indie Girl is super smart and a “gem”!!!  We love to hear these wonderful stories!  Thank you Adams Family for opting to adopt!

roxy indie girl adams

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Introducing Owen

Owen0912142 All you big dog lovers, do we have the boy for you!  His name is Owen, and he’s a beauty!  Get the scoop on Owen by visiting our Dogs page.

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