Layla022715 Say hello to young Layla, who just moved into the apartment across from Lyla.  She’s a sweetie – a mix of Shepherd and Collie (Border?), we think.  Find her profile on our Dogs page.

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Sassy0227152 This is little Sassy, a 4-5 month old stray who just got here.  I paid her a first visit today in the SOAR office, and I have to say she’s a real cutie pie.  See Sassy on our Cats page.

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The last two weeks have seen a few changes in our roster of furry friends.  Goodbye and happy days to the very popular Wrigley

Wrigley2 as she embarks on her new life with a new brother and mom and dad in the western part of the state, to Magic,

Magic021315 who was adopted so quickly, her arrival at SOAR never made the homepage, and finally to Onyx,

Onyx032514 the second of our three “O Boys” to be adopted.  Say hi to Onyx if you visit Southport Animal Hospital where he’ll spend part of his days as the new office cat.  And now, welcome Frankie,

Frankie0217152 who is taking his place at SOAR in an exchange with the departing Onyx, and also welcome Aqua,

Aqua0217152 the young brother of the recently adopted Magic.  Now, is all that crystal clear? Frankie and Aqua are profiled on our Cats page.

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Oakie – February 2015


This is 5-year old Oakie, this month’s featured pet.  He came to us as a kitten, rescued by a kind soul who spotted him wandering in the marshes at one end of the Oak Island bridge.  Oakie is sporting his signature “wide-eyed gaze” in this photo.  He is a most sociable guy (with both humans and other cats) – usually one of the first to greet visitors to the cat room is he.  As with many cats though, he much prefers a few straightforward pets to attempts at embracing and snuggling.  Oakie is profiled on our Cats page.  Pay him a visit some time.

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Oliver’s 12th

A Happy 12th Birthday to Oliver, SOAR graduating class of 2010.  The boy insisted on spending a part of the big day last Tuesday out at his old stomping grounds.  At this point in his life I just give him what he wants…


“We have all been here before…”


  So much to see – so little time.


“Same as it ever was”, huh Dad.

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This is Wrigley – recently arrived from Florida.  Find out more about this young lady on our Dogs page.

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Captain Jack Update

image2As Steve said below we love to get word on how our former charges are doing.   They are all special but Captain Jack was special special.  His story has been told here many times; about how he was found as a puppy in some woods near Wilmington, blind, and a body full of buckshot.   Someone had tried, and failed, to kill him.  He survived but both of his eyes had to be removed.   And, in the biggest reversal of fortune known to mankind Jack found the best home imaginable with a wonderful family in Salisbury, NC. 

Mom just sent us this photo and video so that we could see Jack now.   Watch the video to see  Jack playing fetch with his favorite ball.   Smith family – SOAR thanks you one million times for taking a chance on Jack and for loving and caring for him all these years.captainJackVideo

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Angela Adoption

Remember Angela…adopted last July…all 6 of her kittens since adopted too?  Okay, well would you believe just 9 months back a pregnant Kure Beach stray, today a certified therapy cat? Amazing, eh!  Be sure to see her latest pic in the January 25 post to our Facebook page (

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Whitey012315This pretty lady moved in with us last week.  Find out more about Whitey by visiting our Cats page.

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Letters, We Get Letters…

…Pictures too.  You know, nothing gives us more pleasure than getting great news about an adopted friend.  Here’s the latest on 2014 SOAR grad Ridley, courtesy of his mom and dad.  Thank you for giving Ridley the home he deserves, Shirley and Chip.  We really look forward to a return visit this summer.  The hose will definitely be at the ready!

Ridley Update                          Ridley&Tucker2

                                                                                      TUCKER (L) & RIDLEY (R)

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Crawl For Paws Benefits SOAR

Crawl for Paws is a Carolina Beach pub crawl designed to raise funds for the Carolina Beach Police Department K9 unit and for area animal welfare organizations.  SOAR was selected to be a beneficiary of the recently held event.  Wayne Rouse, Carolina Beach real estate agent and event organizer stopped by this week to give SOAR Director Cathy Robbins Fitzgerald a check for $1,000 as a portion of the Crawl for Paws proceeds.  Wayne absolutely made our day by bringing along canine companion Annie.  Yes, that’s the same Annie who had a short stay with us back in the Fall of 2013 before joining the ranks of SOAR’s graduate class of 2013 thanks to Wayne.  Double thanks, Wayne.  Great to see you again Annie.

Annie Visit

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We have a new page under construction…Cats – FeLV And FIV.


Find it under the ‘parent’ Animals page on our homepage menu.

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Lyla And Dixie – January 2015

Lyla&John Sparkie-Dixie&Steve

                LYLA                                       DIXIE

These two vivacious girls are our co-featured pets this month.  They are ready to take their places in your homes (Please note: Humans pictured are not included).  See their profiles on our Dogs page, and enjoy their videos on our Facebook page (

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2014 Recap – Revised

In our 2014 “Seasons Greetings” Newsletter, we reviewed some of our major accomplishments for the year, in which we of course included some noteworthy adoptions, or SUCCESS STORIES.  Here is the (as far as we know) complete list of 2014 SOAR adoptions.  We look forward to many more successes in 2015.

Canine Friends:

Rocky, Boo-Boo, Lola,


Baby Bear,

Duke, Ollie, Remi, Ripley,

Owen091214 Max1

Owen                  and                     Max,

Clancy, Ridley, Chipper,



Romeo, Chomper, Lucky, Merlin,


King (Scratch),

Barbara, Buddy, and Candy (Lemon Drop).

Feline Friends:

Alee, Sammie, Stella, Solo,



Whinnie, Angela (and her 6 kids),



Elsa, Pumpkin, Blackjack, Blair,



Othello, Betty, Max,

Cassie Mickey0805142

Cassie                 and                  Mickey

A total of 46 adoptions in 2014 (24 cats, 22 dogs).

There were some setbacks for us however.  We remember these friends that we lost in 2014:

Gale Hess

Gale Hess

Stripes0308143 Toes1101142

Stripes                                       Toes

Handsome Jack Cami

Handsome Jack                                                     Cami





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Check out the pic and email we received from Boo Boo’s new family!  We are so happy for him!

Hi all:  Boo-Boo has been doing great.  He looks so much better and is feeling much better too.  He’s been to the vet a few times and is on medication.  His feet are almost back to normal.  He has adjusted to his new fur ever home extremely well.  He is sure a “chow hound”!  And loves his walks twice a day.  He is such a good boy.  So glad we adopted him.  We love him so much.

boo boo

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SOAR’s open cattery rooms give our cats a chance to do cat stuff like climb and play and flash their predator skills.  Of course, with this freedom comes closeness and thus the opportunity for skirmishes, but they rarely amount to much and invariably are taken way more seriously by the human bystanders than they are by the ‘combatants’.  Alas, some of our more reticent cats quickly recognize that the extra space plays to their elusive tendencies, frustrating those who would attempt to dish out pets, or to administer meds, or to snatch them up for a trip to the vet or to an adoption event.  Still, many of our more introverted types will drop their guards often enough to be just regular cats, as were Harper, Rambo, Louie and Sam on a recent morning in the large back room…

Crazy Cats2 Stalking, sniffing – on the hunt.  But Harper is just a bit distracted…

Crazy Cats Can you tell what’s caught her eye while Rambo, Sam and Louie keep their eye on the prize?

Crazy Cats3 Well right you are!  The “prize” is a little red dot dancing across the floor…and it’s produced by a laser beam generated by Harper’s silly little mouse friend.

If you have the room, betcha your home could easily be host to any of these guys doing what they like to do.  Stop by for a visit anytime.  Bring your laser mouse.

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Lola Adoption2

After a mere two-week stay with us, Lola has been adopted.  She is pictured here on departure day with her new adoptive mom and her new sister Gracie on the left.  Run with the wind, girl.

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After a three year residency with us, Alee has been reunited with her human mom and is heading back to her old Holden Beach home.

Allie Adoption

Mom spotted Alee as one of our featured pets in the new issue of PawPrints magazine.  She was sure Alee was the same long-haired beauty who just happened to…yes, that’s right…disappear on her some three years ago.  Out she came to the shelter, and Alee’s reaction upon seeing her left no doubt.  Isn’t that something!  Alee had quite a presence around the cattery.  It won’t be the same place without her.  Good luck, girl.  Drop us a line now and then.

POSTSCRIPT: Click on “Jamie on ALEE ADOPTION” under Recent Comments.  

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zeetlegoos SOAR Image

Nicole (L) and Sandy shared the spotlight at Zeetlegoo’s today.

Nicole Sandy


We had a nice time in the newly expanded area of the store.  No adoptions, but you never know…somebody out there may be thinking about it.

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New Arrivals, Pt. II

Rocky1226143 Addison122314

Rocky (L) and Addison are the newest happy camper canines at SOAR.  See their profiles on our Dogs page.

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On behalf of all her feline and canine friends at SOAR, our very own Sandy wishes all of you a most Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  And for all furry friends past and present, we echo this “Christmas Morning” wish, author unknown, with thanks to Gisela and Jeannine…


I wish,                                                                                                                                               For every dog searching trash cans for breakfast,                                                           a filled bowl with his name printed in bright letters.

For every dog who slept fitfully last night, chained in a frozen yard,                     a soft, warm bed                                                                                                                           with a person snoring gently nearby.

For every shelter dog, spending Christmas morning in a soiled run,                     a forever home,                                                                                                                             filled with sounds and smells of family.

For every “Christmas” puppy given today,                                                                         a tolerant, caring owner who won’t abandon you                                                           as you grow into a real dog.

For every ailing pet,                                                                                                                   enough money for your owner to pay the bills                                                               to make you well.

For every lost dog,                                                                                                                       a clear, safe road, and well marked path,                                                                           to lead you home.

For every old and tired friend,                                                                                                 a warm fire, and a soft bed,                                                                                                     to ease your aches and pains.

And for every Heart Dog at the Bridge,                                                                               a moment when you know that you are remembered today,                                       missed again, and loved forever.

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Baby Bear and Boo-Boo Find Homes

Baby Bear Adoption Boo Boo Adoption

BABY BEAR                       AND                BOO-BOO

Baby Bear and Boo-Boo have headed off to separate Wilmington homes with their adoptive moms.

We are extremely happy for Baby Bear, as she has worked hard with us in making the transformation from the cowering Border Collie mix of a year and a half ago to the happy, adoptable young lady of today.  We are really going to miss her spirit and her boundless energy.  Many of her kennel neighbors, past and most recent, are all the better for having had Baby Bear as a dedicated playmate.

Many of you might not recognize Boo-Boo, as the Shih Tzu mix has never graced our Dogs page.  The little guy came to SOAR about two months ago suffering from eye, yeast and urinary tract infections.  Medication, veterinary care, and lots of love have gotten him into good enough condition to be made available for adoption.  Like with his recent “office house resident” predecessors Chipper, Romeo, Chomper and Owen, his wait would be short.

Happy trails to you two “underdogs.”  Go with the wind.

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New Arrivals


and Lola…Lola121614

Two-year old Benji and one-year old Lola made their debuts at SOAR this week.  They come to us from Brunswick County Sheriffs Animal Protective Services.  See their profiles on our Dogs page.

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We had a visit from the Oak Island Presbyterian Daycare on Monday and these mini Christmas Angels brought all kinds of food and toys for the cats and dogs!

photo 2  photo 1

They got to hang out with the cats and dogs for awhile.  Caesar had the girls fascinated with his crazy cat antics!  And Lyla had hearts in her eyes for this cutie!  He looks pretty smitten with her too!

photo 3 (2) photo 5

It was so much fun to have them with us!  And THANK YOU for your donation to SOAR and for your work with these sweet children and teaching them about loving and caring for animals!

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Partners In Animal Welfare


SOAR Director Cathy Robbins Fitzgerald (center) accepts a check from Paws-Ability board member Mercy McCurdy (L) and Paws-Ability President Janie Withers.  The check covers costs we recently incurred for non-routine medical care for one of our dogs and for state mandated upgrades to the dog kennels.  Paws-Ability is a 501(C)(3) organization that provides funds to assist area animal shelters and rescue groups in meeting extraordinary expenses such as those we recently incurred.  To learn more about the important work they do or to become a Paws-Ability member, visit their website at

Thank you Paws-Ability for helping us help our furry friends in need.

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