Salty Dogs0521165

We packed up Lexi and Nini yesterday and headed on down the road to the Salty Dogs Bakery & Boutique ( for their grand opening in the shoppes behind the Southport Smokehouse Barbecue on North Howe Street.

Salty Dogs0521169

Lexi and Nini scarfed up some complimentary ‘Doggie Ice Cream’                                              Salty Dogs052116

Salty Dogs0521164

while we all enjoyed the good vibes of Steve Fitzgerald And Island Fever.Salty Dogs0521167

Thank you Salty Dogs…Our girls had a fine time.  And folks, the girls highly recommend the ice cream and some of the other bakery treats they sampled.  Give us a call at 457-6340 if you’d like to have either one of these seasoned taste testers in your home.

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Courtesy Listing Update

Please see the latest post on our Courtesy Listing

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Siblings Chloe and Chester moved in a few days ago.  See their profile on our Cats page.

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Night Night Nini…

“Yumm…Always start the day with a nice big breakfast”Nini0513162“Then come the heavy eyelids”Nini0513163“And then…lights out.”Nini051316

Just how Nini likes it!  cat-paw-brown2

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Friends…We are still alive after Round 2 of Southern Grace Distilleries’ “SUN DOG 130″ voting.  The contest resumes tomorrow (05/19) @ in Round 3 of the voting.  We have not seen a deadline date as yet.SOAR Logo Sun Dog 130As before, go to the Southern Grace facebook page and “like” our logo in their photo gallery.  Our local partners in rescue, Adopt-An-Angel and Paws Place Dog Rescue have been among the front runners to this point and we wish them well.  Let’s give them a run for their money in Round 3 and move closer toward grabbing a share of the SUN DOG 130 sales proceeds by tacking on at least 50 to our Round 2 total of 78 “likes.”  Spread the word.  Get out the vote.  Thanks!

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We will feature some of our animals for adoption at the Salty Dogs Bakery And Boutique grand opening this Saturday.  Look for us in the  Village Shoppes behind the Southport Smokehouse on North Howe Street.  For more information, see the flyer posted to our Events Page.  

SOAR Logo Crop                                                              

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Our 3rd annual PFTP fundraiser is now a piece of SOAR history.  It was a great event – probably the most highly attended of the three.  Thank you Cheryl, our event organizer, and thank you SOAR volunteers who assisted.  Thanks also go to our host, the Southport Senior Center, to Terry’s Catering, and to Steve Fitzgerald & Island Fever.  I think the highlight for me was getting to chat with some of the adoptive parents of SOAR graduates like Gidget, Jade, Fonzi, and Doodle, all of whom continue to bring joy to their lives.

Thanks to all who came to the party.  Do you remember?….

PFTP20162“Uh-oh…We in big trouble now, Lieutenant!”PFTP20163“Let’s just try to look like we know what we’re doing.”PFTP20164“You mean these tickets.  Yeah, we really paid for them – right guys?”PFTP20165“Oh no…sorry, but we already have cats.”PFTP20166“Yeah, somebody told us we’d win the 50/50 if we just looked real happy.”PFTP20167“Would you believe he actually thought they were menus!”PFTP20168“That’s right, I just have to clap once to get his ears to point straight up.”PFTP20169“So many prizes to give out; so little time.”PFTP201610“Well yeah, I had to try a few glasses just to be sure it was good.”PFTP201615“Hmm…You know, I have to deal with this every day at Zeetlegoo’s!”PFTP201612“That Louie is just everywhere SOAR goes!”PFTP201613“…And ‘Susie’ on vocals…”PFTP201614“Honestly…We couldn’t!”PFTP201611 

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Casey (and her 5 babies) Casey050616

and little Milo…Milo0401162

…have new addresses as of this past week.  Happy days you kids!

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Just About Party Time…

PFTP 2016 Flyer

“T” minus 48 hours.  We’ve still got tickets.  Call Cheryl, call SOAR (457-6340), or get them at the door Friday evening.  Looks like a good crowd, but the more the merrier…We’d love to see you there.  If you were with us last year you know Terry puts out a great spread, and Steve & “Island Fever” will knock your socks off.Island Fever2

Silent Auction, 50/50 (Remember the Lazy Turtle last Fall?  What was the winner’s share alone…around $3500?).  Call the pet sitter, set the DVR…you could be heroes, for just one day,



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Okay SOAR supporters.  Round 2 of the Southern Grace Distilleries contest is under way. We need your “likes” to be one of the 25 out of the remaining 40 groups to advance to Round 3.Southern Grace Distilleries3Go to and “like” our logo pic.  Voting ends Midnight May 12.  The competition is keener in this round so please vote for us and get the word out to as many others as you can.  Thanks.

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A Visit From “Will”

Karen brought our good pal Will back for a visit with us yesterday.Will UpdateWill graduated last November, barely a month after joining us from Animal Protective Services.  With that signature 70′s style curly-Q perm, he is ever the veritable “Disco Inferno” of dogs.  Thanks for checking in with us boy.  Keep on dancing.

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Petsense Pals And Beyond

Brownie and Sydney parlayed last Saturday’s Petsense appearance into a Tuesday adoption…Brownie&Sydney Adoption4Off to Calabash they go to run and jump themselves silly on a very large fenced property. Kinda makes me wish I was 8 years old again.  Oh well.  Happy days kids, and thanks for adopting folks.

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May Birthdays

Birthday Clip Art

Believe it or not, just one birthday to celebrate this month…Best wishes to Minion!Minion032816It seems like only yesterday that the little squirt came to stay with us…living proof of the power of good over evil (see our Cats page and our post, “Little Minion”, July 9, 2015).  Now he is a whole 1 year old.  Where does the time go?  Many more, boy.

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     Southern Grace Distilleries

Southern Grace Distilleries2

Calling all friends of SOAR…Please visit the Southern Grace Distilleries Facebook page (, find their NC animal welfare group logo picture collection, and “like” the one displayed above.  You don’t have to be on Facebook to do this.  Southern Grace will award a portion of the proceeds from all of their SUN DOG 130 sales to some number of groups getting the most votes. The top 40 vote-getters will advance to a 2nd round (1st round closes May 7, so please hurry).  Thanks for your support.

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Our boy Elvis left foster care on Saturday for his new home in the sun, just a few blocks away.Elvis Adoption2He left quite a different guy than the one who joined us with Raven (also class of 2016) in December out of the Pender County Shelter.  Enormous credit once again goes to foster parents Josh and Sarah and to their “assistants” Gracie, Sweetie, Angel and Thomas. Thanks so much for doing what you do.  Happy days, bud.  See you around the island.

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Petsense Adoptathon Weekend

Petsense Banner

SOAR Logo Crop

Well, for whatever the reason, it was just us and Adopt-An-Angel on Saturday, and then yesterday it was…just us…at the Shallotte Petsense store.  No problem…more visitors for our guys, and they did have lots of them over the two days…Petsense04301611Above and below, Sydney and Brownie enjoy the Saturday limelight.  Petsense04301610They were joined by SusiePetsense0430165 and Nini,…Petsense04301612but it was clearly Sydney racking up the most test drives…Petsense0430166And lest we forget our featured felines, Louie; BrandyTommy and Milo got their fair share of attention too.Petsense0430169Tommy had so much fun on Saturday that he decided to hop the shuttle to Shallotte again on Sunday…Petsense050116…this time bringing his pal Minion along for company.Petsense0501162They were joined by Red, who gave Sydney a run for her money as the weekend’s top draw…Petsense0501165Petsense0501168…and by the jaunty Miss LexiPetsense0501166

It was great getting to meet and greet all of you folks.  Thank you for visiting with us and our “kids.”  I know some of you were doing some serious contemplating.  Maybe we’ll see you sometime soon out at SOAR or next time we come to Petsense.  And speaking of Petsense, a great big thank you to Frank, Brian and Chris for having us.

SOAR Logo2   

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Time to catch you up on some SOAR comings and goings of the last week or two…

LOUIE IILouie2 Adoption

and BENTLEYBentley0322162headed on down that old dusty road to their brand new homes, while we welcomed in…


and BROWNIE.Brownie041916

See our Cats and Dogs pages for more on Tilley and Brownie.

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Greeter Alert!, Part 2

Tabby Boy&Puddin'042216

Good news!  Puddin’ continues to take the lead in resurrecting the parking lot greeter function.  Here she is (background), exactly one week after her solo performance (“Greeter Alert!”, April 16), heading back to her office porch post after successfully luring Tabby Boy out of retirement.  At this rate the team should be back to full strength by Mother’s Day.

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Miss Dixie is back at SOAR today after completing her one week class at Canine Academy.Sparkie-Dixie Promo13It was a nice break for Dixie – a little vacation of sorts.  As for us, we got some good ideas for practices for our volunteers to consistently follow in their daily interactions with her. Most importantly, though, Dixie was evaluated to have the attributes to be a fine adoption candidate.

So now our search continues for a good adoptive parent candidate for Miss Dixie.  I have re-posted here our promotional piece on Dixie from April 17.  The assessment coming out of her week at Canine Academy is that she is fine with all dogs – large breed; small breed; in between – contrary to that part of the stipulation in the piece regarding “small animals.”  Take a look at the promo…take another look at her Canine Academy videos (April 21, “School Days”).  Give us a call @ 457-6340…

Have you met SOAR’s PET OF THE MONTH??

Sparkie-Dixie Promo14.1

Everyone, please say hello to Dixie, one beautiful girl who would like nothing more than to find a home of her very own.  It’s difficult to believe that this energetic sweetheart is 9 years old, but trust us – even though she has mellowed some and enjoys laying in her “hammock” a lot more than she once did, she still has plenty of life left in her.  Dixie is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Pit Bull Terrier mix who is very people affectionate: one of her favorite pastimes is to sit in your lap to get brushed; another is doggie massages; and her most favorite is giving lots of kisses!

There are some things, or stipulations, that her future owner must understand.  Most important is that Dixie cannot be around small animals (cats or small dogs, rabbits, birds, or guinea pigs).  Dixie has interacted with other dogs at the rescue and will probably be OK with another large breed dog and she’d need to have some trial time with them first, of course, but this girl would be most happy just being the one and only fur baby in her fur-ever home.

Dixie is a strong girl and because of this she would most likely be best suited for a young or middle aged single person or middle aged couple with no small children.  She walks well on a leash , but when she sees a cat, squirrel, etc., she is still quick and powerful and prone to want to chase.  A fenced in yard would be perfect for Dixie – but a comfy sofa is a requirement!

Her adoptive person/couple must agree to attend a training session that will be instructed by a professional trainer and provided by SOAR.

Dixie is a sweetheart, and despite a few “snags” in her past, she is a great dog who really just needs the right person to give her the love, attention, patience and understanding that she deserves to know.

Call Cathy @ 910-457-6340 today if you would like to schedule a time to meet this wonderful girl!

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SOAR&Zeetlegoo's                                                                                                                                                                      Thank you, Zeetlegoo’s, and thank you all who stopped by yesterday to hang out with us and some of our special people.  We really appreciate it.  Love,

LOUIE,                                                                           Zeetlegoo's0423164

MOXY,                                                                            Zeetlegoo's0423165

BRANDY,                                                                       Zeetlegoo's0423166

ELVIS, SYDNEY and NINI.                                     Zeetlegoo's0423167

It was good to be seen.Zeetlegoo's0423162

Maybe we’ll see you again back at SOAR, or even maybe at the big Adoptathon weekend April 30-May 1 at the Shallotte Petsense store.  Happy Days!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            cat-paw-brown2                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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Sydney used to run around with Amy (“Amy & Sydney Followup” – March 5, 2016). Then Amy left us for greener pastures leaving Sydney with nobody to play with.  And then along came Red, and the world is right again…Red&Sidney Video041916

Now Red could play about as good as Sydney, but Sydney had one up on Red when it came to matters of self-assurance and overall doggie skills development, so Petra and I put Sydney to work as Red’s mentor in important developmental areas like being willing to hop into strange spaces…And…Voila!Red&Sydney041916

Red&Sidney Video0419162  

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Twins Donation0416162Happy Birthday Number 6 to Ava and Jonah!  Their big day is our big day too as you can see by the bounty of cat and dog goodies behind them.  For the last couple of years the twins have honored us on their day by collecting donations from their pals and adding some of their own with their birthday bucks.  What a terrific thing to do you kids!  See you for Number 7?

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I caught up with our girl Dixie at Canine Academy today…

Sparkie-Dixie Canine Academy2 “FOCUS!”

Sparkie-Dixie Canine Academy3 “STAY!”

There was an impressive exercise involving Dixie under control with the cherished tennis ball, followed by some leash training and social time that I caught on video…

Sparkie-Dixie Video                                       Sparkie-Dixie Video2

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SOAR @ Petsense Adoptathon

SOAR Logo Crop            Petsense Banner

Come out and see us at the Petsense Spring Adoptathon event Saturday and Sunday, April 30 and May 1.

Petsense 2016 Half Page Flyer.1

We will be there with some of our cats and dogs available for adoption as will several other local rescue groups.  The Shallotte Petsense store is just across the way from Belk.  We look forward to seeing you.

Also, don’t forget to stop by at Zeetlegoo’s Pet & People Store in Southport this Saturday (04/23) for our regular monthly adoption event there.  Meet and greet some of our cats and dogs.  Elvis will be making the trip from his foster home to be on hand.

Elvis Foster13                                                                                                                                                                      See you Saturday.

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First Day Of Class

There’s our student…

Sparkie-Dixie Canine Academy Crop

At 11:00 this morning, Dixie reported for the first of seven days of training at Canine Academy.  No, we don’t have an adoptive parent lined up already but we thought we’d go ahead and get some professional training for her now in the hope of bettering our chances of attracting a good candidate who would then join Dixie in another training session later. Things got off to a nice start with an unrestrained Dixie, in an unfamiliar place, engaging a resident Rottweiler mix boy in some very friendly play. Stay tuned for further reports.

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