The “Go-To Girl”

If you have been following our website and Facebook posts in the last year, then these kinds of pics should look strikingly familiar–the veteran Lyla using her social skills in the exercise yard to help us break in a relative newcomer to the shelter.

Lyla&Sean082515     Lyla&Sean0825152

This week it was young Sean being schooled.  We do not consider Lyla’s proven ability to engage a wide range of SOAR rookie types in friendly play to be a trivial thing.

This beautiful, athletic 4-year old has represented us at many a parade and festival, and has shown extremely well at adoption events.  We have given her the best life we can here, but nothing we’ve done can substitute for what you can provide in a real home environment.  What do you say?

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Another Arrival


This cutie just arrived.  His name is Midnight (he’s our second feline so named) and he is 4 years old. This Midnight is FIV positive, so he is listed on our FeLV/FIV Cats page.  Just like most of our cats that have tested positive for the viruses, Midnight is extremely friendly.  Come see him. 

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Recent Arrivals

Melissa0822152   Sean082215                                             MELISSA                                                        SEAN

These two youngsters arrived last week.  Their profiles are now on our Dogs page.

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Champagne0811153                                                                                                                          CHAMPAGNE                

Ryan Adoption                                                                                   RYAN (L)

                                      Maddie Adoption082215                                                                               and  MADDIE                                             headed on out the gates to their new homes in the last week.  Happy days everyone!

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I went to see Whitey this morning sort of hoping against hope.  She wasn’t in her usual spot on the office sofa.  In fact, Whitey was nowhere to be found.  Sadly, sweet little Whitey left our world behind yesterday, two months shy of her 15th birthday.  Her health had been in rapid decline in the last two weeks.

Whitey joined us at the beginning of this year.  She did okay in the cattery, but she seemed to really perk up after Cathy moved her to the office.  This picture was posted to our Facebook page exactly one month ago…                                                                                              Whitey At The Window …I was taken by the simple beauty of it at the time, but now, in the aftermath of Whitey’s passing, I feel like it sends a message to us, one that in a way ultimately softens the blow.  So long for now sweet girl.  Some sunny day.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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Looking Good…

Check out the streamlined look of our Miss Allie courtesy of her recent haircut.

Allie082215     Allie0822152

You can now see an interesting brindle undercoat of the girl’s that I had never noticed before.

“Allie The Pally”, as I call her, recently turned 6 years old.  Whether we are out on a stroll, playing in the exercise yard, or “doing belly rubs” in her kennel, the relatively low energy Allie has been ever the pal to me.  For that matter, she has gotten along very well with all of the males at SOAR, yet she has had her moments with unfamiliar men (or boys), depending on their demeanor at first encounter, and on how they move toward or around her.  She also can become excited around cats and small dogs, where we need to be ready with appropriate corrective actions.  There are surely plenty of “right” homes out there for this affectionate and very manageable young lady.  As I have said more than once before, give us a call, or stop by the shelter and we will be most happy to have someone introduce you to Allie The Pally.

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zeetlegoos   SOAR Image

We had a good time meeting and greeting under a bright blue Southport sky yesterday.

Zeetlegoo's0822156   Zeetlegoo's082215                                                             Zeetlegoo's0822153

It was just about quitting time when a very nice couple came by.  They wanted to do a little shopping for our featured guests, and so those lucky kids ended up getting some tasty treats and some new toys just for being in the right place at the right time.  A great way to end a lovely day.

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Cocoa Does Good…

…and so does Jed.

At the two-week point with us, Petra and I thought we’d evaluate Ms. Cocoa on her social skills.  She’s done well enough thus far in her interactions with the volunteers, but we wanted to see how she’d do ‘dog-on-dog.’  With very little paw twisting needed on our part, we got Mr. Jed to join us with Cocoa in the exercise yard.  Long story short, Cocoa (and Jed) did good. There was lots of good clean play, and both demonstrated patience and a willingness to share their toys – in this case, the tennis balls.                                                                                   Cocoa&Jed081815

Cocoa&Jed0818152          Cocoa&Jed0818153Pretty good for a couple of one-year olds I’d say.  We will continue our evaluation of Cocoa using some of her other neighbors here at SOAR.  Good job, kids!

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APRIL And LIBBY Find New Homes!

Two very demure and extremely sweet girls are now just where they deserve to be.  It has been a long time coming for April. April022015 This beauty joined us from Animal Protective Services in March of 2013.  In all her time with us I don’t think I’ve known her to utter a sound.  And talk about “long time coming” – well – Miss Libby, pictured here with her adoptive parents Libby Adoptionleaves the nest nearly 6 years after joining us.  With her partner Gus having departed last month, so ends the saga of Gus and Libby, as we have known it.  What a long strange trip it’s been.

Happy days April and Libby.

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Now that was a yard sale!  We are blown away by the final figures from yesterday’s fundraising event held outside the offices of our good neighbors at Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage.                                                                                                                                       Yard Sale081515   Yard Sale0815152        Thanks to all of our supportive friends out there in the community who donated and purchased just a sea of merchandise, and to the remarkable efforts of the SOAR and Coldwell Banker volunteers and their spouses, kids, friends, et al, we now have over $9,600 more in our “Rescue The Rescue” account than we did on Friday.  This includes sales of tickets (we sold 62) for our 50/50 party on October 10, straight cash donations, and sales of baked goods and snacks.                                                                                                   Yard Sale0815153   Yard Sale0815154        We are making steady progress in our “Rescue The Rescue” campaign.  Our GoFundMe account, which consists of holdings from donations made both through GoFundMe and directly to SOAR “Rescue The Rescue” continues to grow.  We have now had two successful yard sales with one more scheduled on the Island on September 19.  A couple of grant funds applications are pending.  Our volunteers will be at various area locales selling 50/50 tickets right up until the October 10 drawing at the Lazy Turtle.  Yes, we still have a ways to go, but we are committed to preserving SOAR and to carrying on the important work we do for the benefit of Libby Libby_Yard Sale0815156 and all her friends at SOAR and around Brunswick County.  With your continued loyalty and generosity we will succeed.  And speaking of Libby, many of you at yesterday’s sale would have caught at least a glimpse of our official Yard Sale Queen, but the Libs wanted to be sure you didn’t miss any of the good stuff, so here goes…

Libby_Yard Sale0815153          Libby_Yard Sale0815157                                               ”All the way up there?”                           “It’s crazy down there!”

Libby_Yard Sale0815152          Libby_Yard Sale0815159                                               ”Pretty…I’m so pretty…”                    ”Oh now that’s a good one!”

Libby_Yard Sale08151510                                                                                “Over And Out.”

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Like your cocoa with a dab of marshmallow?  Then this is your girl.  See her profile on our Dogs page.

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Champagne Toast


Raise a glass to little Champagne, our newest kitten.  Please see his profile on our Kittens page.

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Richard Hatch

 Richard Hatch  SOAR is saddened to hear of the passing of one of our first friends and volunteers, Mr. Richard Hatch.

Richard’s wife Betty was one of our very first volunteers and then Richard joined the party. He was always there to help in any way he could especially with the Board Of Directors. He loved the cats and dogs and adopted a wonderful dog from SOAR, and being a cat lover he was always helping with sick kittens and cats.

There are so many angels that have entered SOAR’s ever open doors and Richard was one.

You will be missed our dear friend!!

Jeannine Friday Bicknell

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Meet “The Broom Team”


Though it may look like they are just rallying for their morning meal, Sam, Oakie and Louie (L-R) are deep into tracking the movement of an ordinary broom on the other side of their apartment door.  Just about every Friday during final cleanup we let the boys have some fun while we enjoy a healthy laugh or two.  Cats are indeed good for your health.  Got a cat of your own?  Got a glass door?  Got a broom?  Try it.  No cats at your house?  We can fix that!

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Zeetlegoo's0725159     Shiloh                                                      MISSY                                                       SHILOH

Just two days after her command performance at Zeetlegoo’s Missy found herself a new home.  The ‘Luck Of Zeetlegoo’s’ strikes again, not that Missy needed a whole lot of luck with her good looks.

And our little cutie pie Shiloh got scooped up last Saturday.  Many happy days to you boy. Your pal Minion will have to hold down the ‘kitten fort’, but hopefully not for too long.

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In Memory Of Homer


Homer (2005-2015)

Ken and his boys came out to SOAR last Saturday to tell us the very sad news of Homer’s passing as a result of cancer.  They had adopted Homer from us in November of 2011. This is the note that accompanied their generous gift to SOAR in Homer’s memory:

“He was a major part of our family for 4 years and was loved by all who met him.  He took over the backyard and made it his domain.  He really enjoyed his many days of running with me and pulling kids on a skate board.  We are so happy for SOAR providing a place for Homer for 5 years before we connected.  Homer provided lasting memories.”

Homer arrived at SOAR in 2006.  It is fair to say he had a compelling presence.  Lanky and muscular, his raw athleticism could be intimidating to some.  Besides the endearing smile and those floppy hound ears, what I remember most about Homer (he was “Homie” for a time until he legally changed his name) is that he was FAST, really FAST - faster than any dog I’d ever seen.  He could “run like the wind.”

Homer made many friends during his time with us, Jeannine and John                                    013 and Amy and Kelly of VanDyne K-9 039 among them.  He was a SOAR legend.

Thank you Ken and Corbin, Owen, Wade and Wyatt for bringing Homer into your lives. May he live on in your hearts.  Homie…Run like the wind.  Some sunny day…

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“The Long And The Short Of It”

There was almost a crispness to the air at SOAR yesterday morning so Petra and I thought we’d take Black Labs Jed (“The Short”) and Ryan (“The Long”) to the exercise area for a light workout.  The pics and video below fairly well capture the result.  Jed is wearing a blueish collar; Ryan is wearing a reddish one.  It’s such a shame that they didn’t hit it off, for we had high hopes for a future package adoption for the boys.

Jed&Ryan0728152      Jed&Ryan0728153

Jed&Ryan0728154      Jed&Ryan072815 - Video


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zeetlegoos SOAR Image

A beautiful day it was yesterday for our adoption event at Zeetlegoo’s featuring Libby, Lyla, Ryan, Keyo and Missy…

Libby gets right to the point…Zeetlegoo's07251513…Mary checks her grip on Lyla…Zeetlegoo's0725154…and Dan tries the coy approach to handing out treats to Ryan…Zeetlegoo's0725155…while Keyo and Missy…                                                Zeetlegoo's07251510 Zeetlegoo's0725159…   go into their “pretty kitty” routine.  Owner Rae Keane has Libby and Lyla’s undivided attention…Zeetlegoo's0725152…and I am enthralled by some amazing cat tales being told by this little cutie from BSL.Zeetlegoo's07251514      It was great to see Libby again.Zeetlegoo's0725157 Thank you Sarah and Josh for taking such good care of her.

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SOAR In The News

StarNews reporter Tom Grady writes a regular Saturday column called Animal Tales. Tom highlighted our “Rescue The Rescue” campaign in his column today.  If you do not get the StarNews or missed his piece, I have attached a reprint below.  Thanks, Tom for making your readership aware of this very important effort on SOAR’s part.

Tom Grady072515

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This guy went home with our volunteer Nancy (R) on Wednesday…                                                                                                      OliverDog Adoption…He’s the Oliver who joined us with Bentley and Maddie back in May.  Happy days, bud.  Make sure your Mom brings you by for a visit every now and then.  Now, there’s the Oliver who joined us with Jed earlier this month…See him on our Dogs page.

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Our sweet little Noir (Noire) left the FIV House last Saturday to start the next phase of her life with Robin and cat Snaggletooth.

  Noir Adoption2 Noir Adoption4         Noir Adoption3

Noir and her kittens Othello, Onyx and Oliver – the “O’Boys” – joined us just over two years ago.  Noir tested positive for FIV but her kids did not.  Othello was adopted in early 2014. Early this year Onyx was adopted by a Vet Tech at Southport Animal Hospital as part of an exchange in which we received Frankie (who was since adopted).  Now Mom has found a home, leaving Oliver as the last of the clan members to be placed.  Happy days, Noir.  We’ll be taking good care of Oliver until his special day arrives.

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More Alumni Updates

Eric and family report that for Baxter, Benji Update2 whom they adopted from us as Benji back in March, the good times keep on rolling.

Ron and Susan just sent us these pics of Bentley Bentley Update     Bentley Update2 getting all the love he can handle in his first month with them.

Thanks for the updates everyone.  Party on Baxter and Bentley!

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Meet Mr. Ryan


This good looking Lab boy made his SOAR debut on Tuesday.  See his profile on our Dogs page.

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Now that Gus has moved to Florida, Sarah and Josh have taken Libby into their foster care. Libby052315 And just yesterday, Jim and Susan picked up Maddie to begin a fostering arrangement with her. Maddie Foster2 We are very grateful to our friends who are willing to foster.  They help us immensely in preparing our rescues to successfully begin or resume life as beloved pets.  Please call us (457-6340) if you would like to be a foster parent for one of our kids.

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Lola Update

Long after Lyla, but just a bit before Layla, we had Lola.  Lola was adopted by Erica at the end of last year, just a couple of weeks after arriving from Animal Protective Services.                                                                   Lola Adoption2 That’s Lola to the right with Erica and Gracie on adoption day.  Erica, Gracie and Lola have since moved to Pennsylvania.  Lola has gained about 20 healthy pounds.  She enjoys going on hikes, and loves those tennis balls. We love those alumni updates.  Thanks Erica.  Hey, Lola.                                                 Lola Post-Adoption  Lola Post-Adoption2

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