Thank You Adena Volleyball!

For the third year the visiting Adena, OH volleyball team ladies rolled up their sleeves for SOAR.  Following their tournament in hot and muggy Myrtle Beach they somehow had enough left in the tank to “man” the hoses, scrub brushes and pruning shears under the hot Southport sun.

Adena Team Adena Team2

Adena Team3 Adena Team4Adena Team6

Thanks everyone…

Adena Team5

You are good friends.  We look forward to seeing you next year.


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These kids have joined us at SOAR this month…

Izzy2 Shiloh

                             IZZY                                                      SHILOH


                                                            KEYO & MISSY

 …See their profiles on our Cats and Kittens pages.                                                                                                      

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Hooray For Bentley Too!

Bentley Adoption

Well I almost forgot…Madison wasn’t our only kid to ‘leave the nest’ on Friday!  Bentley moved to a new Southport address as well, with Ron and Susan.  He (as “Dierks”) had moved in from Animal Protective Services in May along with Maddie and Oliver.  Bentley’s papers were signed by the end of the month, but he was on a delayed departure.  His placement through SOAR as an Animal Protective Services transfer makes him number 33 in that category since the beginning of 2013.  Bentley could care less about that of course, but it makes us happy.

Go with the wind boy, and keep in touch.

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zeetlegoos SOAR Image

We had a very pleasant time at Zeetlegoo’s yesterday, in spite of the heat.  A steady stream of admirers passed by our setup.  Louie was classic Louie – steadfastly blase about the whole affair… Zeetlegoo's06272…Little Shiloh acted like a kitten…Zeetlegoo's06273 Zeetlegoo's06276…and Maddie and Oliver were ever on the lookout for the next wave of treat toting dog lovers…Zeetlegoo's0627 Maddie even got in some play time behind the store with a visiting English Retriever named Spanky.  I guess it wore her out.  See if you can find her in this group picture…Zeetlegoo's06275

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Hooray For Madison!

Our sweet Maddy went to a new Southport address yesterday.

Madison Adoption

We have had the pleasure of her company from the time she joined us in October of 2013, following the passing of her owner and long time SOAR volunteer, Pat Krueger.  She has been a big favorite among the volunteers and will be missed.  Happy days, girl.

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Sadie Update

Sadie’s mom, Judy, just checked in with us.  Going on about 3 1/2 months now, the living is still easy on Oak Island for the girl.  Sadie062515  Thanks for the update Judy, and thanks for adopting.  Go Sadie!

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Where In The World Is Baby?

Has anyone seen this girl?   Baby Adoption  Her kennel – the same one she has called home for well over 4 years now – has been empty since last Friday and some of us are starting to worry.  And what is she doing in the back of that strange vehicle anyway?  Well could it be?…What?…It is true!  Baby has finally found a real home, in Calabash, with Barbara and Mike.  Baby Adoption3 Whoa, this is a biggie in the annals of SOAR!  We don’t know why it took Baby so long, but that’s the way it goes sometimes with us.  In the end, we all got our big reward.

It was a joy to have known and taken care of Baby, and that joy we will surely miss.  Rock on, girl!  How about a visit every now and then?  Thanks for giving Baby her big break, Barbara and Mike.  Happy days with the girl.

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Sonny Update

All is well with our boy Sonny, who made his getaway back on May 1 (May Archives…”Sonny Goes Home”).  Yes, the Illinois life seems to be suiting him just fine, his parents report.  In a nod to his roots, Sonny’s new name is “Beaches.”

Sonny3  SonnySonny2

Thanks for the update folks.  We look forward to the next one.

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“We HAD Kittens!” – UPDATE

The remaining two boys from the abandoned litter of 4 were adopted late this week. Thanks go to our rescuer and to the adoptive parents; speaking of which, here’s a picture of kitten no. 4 with his adoptive mom on departure day…

 Snuggy Adoption

Check out our Facebook page for more nice pics and some comments from Mom.

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Please Help Rescue S.O.A.R.

Southport/Oak Island Animal Rescue (S.O.A.R.) DESPERATELY needs your help! Please donate to our GoFundMe campaign for S.O.A.R. to Purchase S.O.A.R.

S.O.A.R. has always been a privately owned rescue and receives no funding from the county or state. We are trying to purchase the land where our rescue currently operates! We have until October 31st, 2015 to raise $100,000.00 or the property will go on the market. We have tried to get a loan – but with us being a non-profit – we show no profits – which makes it difficult to qualify for a loan. We have applied for grants – but for now – that’s just a “wait and see” process!

S.O.A.R. does so many wonderful things for abandoned and forgotten animals! We provide shelter, healthy food, medicines if needed and most of all LOVE! We have one paid full-time employee and 1 paid part-time employee – everything else is done by our dedicated and faithful volunteers!

Dogs and cats offer such unconditional love – but so many times they are seen as “disposable”. But we can give them a 2nd chance! We can help them to find a new “furr”ever home! And we have done just that for thousands of cats and dogs over the past 20 years and with your help we can do the same for thousands more over the next 20 years.

Please donate if you can and share this post and GoFundMe page with as many people as you can. Thank you for your kindness!

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SOAR Coverage On WECT Tonight!

Petsense0531152 WECT News will air a feature story on SOAR during tonight’s 6:00 PM broadcast.

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Kentucky Kita – UPDATE

Lisa has just reported in on our good buddy “Kita The Keets”, whom she adopted back on March 31 (see April Archives).  Kita1 Seems he is having the time of his life, “down on the farm.”  Please visit our Facebook page (, where you can read Lisa’s report and see some nice Kita pics.

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“We Have Kittens!” – UPDATE

This little girl (L) and her brother were adopted on Saturday.

Kittens4      Kittens5

These remaining brothers are still looking for a nice home.


Please visit our Kittens page.

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Yah mon, the party (i.e., Spring) is over – big time!  So what is a SOAR cat or dog to do to stay cool?  Well, Layla hits the water bowl after a very brief early AM session in the exercise yard under Petra’s watchful eye…Layla060915 while Whitey opted for a nice summer cut courtesy of our friends at Sand 2 Suds… Whitey061215 Please remember that even with windows cracked, a car can become an oven in no time in this kind of weather.  Keep pets and humans safe — don’t leave them in vehicles for any length of time. 

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Thank You ‘Family Dog Naturals’

This is Betsy of Family Dog Naturals in Leland. Family Dog Naturals2 Donations collected at her store are distributed to local shelters and rescues on a rotating basis.  Last week it was our turn and as seen here we scored a treasure trove of goodies for our shelter kids.  Thanks a million, Debbie, and all you animal lovers.

Family Dog Naturals is just a few storefronts away from the Leland Harris Teeter.Family Dog Naturals Check them out on your next Harris Teeter run.

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A New SOAR Fundraiser

We have just started an online “fundraiser” via the popular site GoFundMe–please go to

Now I see where our “glad-handing” boy Gus – who is smarter than the average hound – has already been to the site and has followed up with a contribution…Petsense05301511…as have a number of our human friends.  Thank you, all.

And friends, you won’t want to miss the story behind our campaign, brought to life in a great YouTube video, now posted to our Facebook page (

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We Have Kittens!

Yes, there are now four cuties ‘in the house’.  See our Kittens page.


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Nicole Adoption!


“Nikki Nicole” (now Abby) moved to her new home on Oak Island last week.  This most recent picture of her was taken at our February 28 Zeetlegoo’s adoption event.  It might be a stretch after 3 months, but I’m calling it anyway…“The Luck Of Zeetlegoo’s.”

Nicole arrived at SOAR as a little squirt just over 3 years ago.  She was part of a group of strays (including adult cats Betty and Sue, who were previously adopted) living paw to mouth just outside Oak Island Animal Hospital.  Geographically speaking, you could say she really hasn’t gone very far – all said and done – but her past is now way in the distance. Pleasant days, Nicole.  It was a pleasure.

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Petsense “Adoptathon” Weekend Wrapup

Petsense0530157 Petsense0531152

It was our biggest adoption event showing ever – 7 dogs, 5 cats and 16 humans camped out at various times under the tent by the old shade tree outside the Shallotte Petsense store this past Saturday and Sunday.  There were no adoptions, but we got some valuable face time with folks outside of the Southport-Oak Island area.  All in all we enjoyed two very pleasant days meeting and greeting.  Thanks to all who stopped by our booth, and a special thanks to our friends with Brunswick County Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services for their “next door neighborly” assistance.

Petsense0530158 Petsense0530159

Petsense05301511 Petsense05301514

Petsense053115 Petsense0530155

Petsense0531154         Petsense05301512

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REMINDER…Petsense “Adoptathon”


Lyla and Layla take a water break during a recent play session.  They are getting primed for an appearance at this weekend’s (05/30, 31) Petsense Adoptathon in Shallotte.  Please see our Events page for more info and for an update on who you can expect to see at the SOAR booth this Saturday or Sunday.

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Marking Memorial Day


Two months into a new life with his new brother Marshall, Fonzi (R) checks in to say hi, and to remind us all to take a moment today to think of those whose lives were cut short defending our freedom.

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zeetlegoos     SOAR Image

In keeping with the Memorial Day holiday, yesterday’s monthly adoption event at Zeetlegoo’s showcased some of our most ‘veteran’ cats and dogs.

Saki052315                     Louie052315



Between them, our gorgeous black and whites Saki and Louie, our lovable Coonhounds Gus and Libby, and the vivacious Lab mix Baby have put in more than their fair share of time with us hoping for that big break that they richly deserve.  Thanks to all of you who stopped to say hello and hand out a few welcome pets.  May the ‘Luck Of Zeetlegoo’s’ strike again.                             

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A Morning Of Mixed Emotions

The day began under blue skies and bright sunshine at SOAR this morning, though the mood was a bit somber with the realization that we would not actually be seeing Sheila with us on this and future Fridays.  The yard cats, oblivious to such notions, greeted us as is their custom with tails up, signaling that life somehow goes on. TailsUp Then we bid a fond farewell to Lynn, on her last Friday with us. Lynn_Farewell Lynn has worked with our dogs and helped with our adoption events since August 2012.  She’s heading off to Venice, Florida. Best wishes, Lynn.  We hope to see you again.  And then, we had a surprise visit from our friend Wrigley (now Baylee) and his Mom and Dad Susan and Lanny (off camera). WrigleyVisit Wrigley was adopted in February, not long after making the trip up from Florida with Jeannine.  Wrigley is living the good life near the beach with her sister Zoey. Wrigley_Bailey2  Way to go girl. Thanks for making our day Susan and Lanny, and thanks again for adopting.  cat-paw-brown2

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Remembering Sheila Dunne


Our good friend Sheila Dunne passed away last Thursday.  She was 76 years old.  Sheila started volunteering with us in 2003 and was most recently a regular member of our Friday cat crew.  We first crossed paths when I joined SOAR in 2005.  Besides the fact that she cared a lot about the animals, I learned two things about her straight away…She pulled no punches, and she suffered no fools.  I found her style both refreshing and often entertaining.

Sheila would slip under the SOAR radar every now and then.  She lived here on Oak Island but spent a lot of her time in Massachusetts and on Long Island.  Lots of changes would occur during her hiatus periods but Sheila would nonchalantly pick up wherever she had left off, paying little notice to it all.  She did observe once during this relatively unbroken final two year stint with us though – in typical Sheila fashion – that “that cat has been here for an awful long time.”  Sheila was referring to Toes, who had been with us since 1998 before passing late last year.

Our condolences go out to her husband Jimmy, her daughter Michele and sons Douglas and Jamie, and the extended family.  They have kindly requested that donations in Sheila’s name be made to SOAR.  God speed Sheila.  We will always remember you.

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Chub Adoption, Pt. II…”And The Living Is Easy”

Hello…hello…  Chubb (now “Grady”) to the right, holding down the sofa with his new big brother.

Chub Adoption2

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