“(We’ve) Got Two Tickets To Paradise”

50/50 Tix

So “paradise” may be overstating it, and in a sense one of the tickets is SOAR’s, but with $4,200 in our 50/50 raffle pot and still counting, your winning ticket split will be nothing to sneeze at.  One of these two tickets could be the winner – are yours entered yet?  There’s still six days left, so it’s not too late to get in the drawing at the Lazy Turtle this Saturday evening.  Give us a call at 457-6340 and we’ll put our hands on some unsold tickets out there.  Buy some at the Lazy Turtle party prior to the drawing.  For more information on the party, see the updated flyer posted on our Events page.

“Waiting so long, waiting so long…”

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Libby_Yard Sale0815155

Libby (SOAR Class Of 2015) is “doing fine on Cloud Nine.”  Get the details in Recent Comments… “Paula Fahey On April And Libby Find New Homes.”

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Sophie Needs To Be Rescued

Sophie_Courtesy List4

For more information please see our Courtesy Listings page.

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Petsense Adoptathon Canceled

Petsense Banner                                                          SOAR Image

Because of the expected adverse weather conditions, this weekend’s scheduled adoption event at the Shallotte Petsense has been canceled.  We do not have a reschedule date at this time.

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Aidyn, Zoe & Zack

No, we haven’t had to hire a law firm thank goodness, but we have welcomed three new kids to the shelter in the last week…

Aidyn092815 Zoe092815 Zack0925154

            AIDYN                                   ZOE                                          ZACK

Read all about it on our Cats and Dogs pages.

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Melissa Adoption

Not to be outdone by Lyla and Layla, our jaunty little Beagle girl Melissa got her walking papers this morning.  Go with the wind, girl, and keep in touch.

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Adopted: LYLA And LAYLA…Or Is It…

…the other way around, oh, anyway, Petsense0530158 who would have known on this late May Saturday at Petsense that 4 months later and one day apart, the girls would be off to new homes?  Not me, but it’s true…                                              Lyla Adoption          Layla Adoption

Okay, age before beauty – not that she’s any slouch when it comes to looks – but on the verge of 4 years tenure with us, it was truly about time for the athletic Ms. Lyla.  The countless adoption events, the parades, the TV stardom Lyla_Michelle_AshleaK…how many times in PawPrints Magazine?…our designated “Go To Girl” Lyla&Owen091614 is going to be missed – big time.  And then there’s Layla, Goddess Of Water…any water…     Layla0707152     Layla092215 Her resume may not measure up to Lyla’s, but in her 7 months with us I for one grew quite attached to this rather blase girl.  And true to her laid back nature the newly post-SOAR Layla was seen taking an extended break on her very first day in flight school… Layla Adoption2

Go with the wind Lyla.  Go with the water Layla.  Happy days to you and your new families.  Come back and see us.

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SOAR Image     zeetlegoos

                  OAKIE                         and                    OLIVER                                                             Zeetlegoo's0926152          Zeetlegoo's092615                                      Oakie and Oliver boarded the SOAR van to Zeetlegoo’s with me yesterday and had themselves a good time there.  Oakie calmly submitted to a much needed heavy brushing session courtesy of Zeetlegoo’s, while Oliver got lots of pets and happily greeted (translation: “sniffed”) quite a few dog visitors.  Speaking of dog “visitors“, one of them was actually the illustrious Lyla.  That’s right, Lyla, who once danced with Duke  needs a hug and slobbered with Sean, Lyla&Sean0825152was officially a visitor as we can no longer call her “our Lyla.”  To find out why, visit our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SOARanimalrescue)…and stay tuned here for more news about Lyla.

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Thank You’s…

…to the Wall family, who adopted Homer back in 2011.  As they have a number of times before, they visited last weekend and gave us a cash donation and food and supplies for the cats and the dogs.  Triplets Owen, Corbin and Wade were celebrating their 12th birthdays.  Happy Birthday, boys!

…and to the staff of PawPrints magazine for their donation toward our Rescue The Rescue initiative.  Visit our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SOARanimalrescue) to read some much appreciated remarks made in our behalf.

Rescue The Rescue

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One of the best looking felines ever to grace our shelter, Stella made website news last September with her adoption after more than 4 years with us (September 8, 2014…“STELLA”).  If you haven’t done so, go to our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SOARanimalrescue) for an update on the girl who I liked to call “terminally pretty.”

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New Kids In Town

Piper0918152 Jackson091815                                                             PIPER                                                  JACKSON

Piper and Jackson moved in last week from Brunswick County Sheriffs Office Animal Protective Services.  See their profiles on our Dogs page.

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A Big Assist From SOS…

…that’s the Sisters Of Southport, a group of civic minded ladies doing good deeds around the community under the sponsorship of the Cape Fear Yacht Club community outreach program.  They loaded up their paint brushes this past Friday and put a fresh coat to the wooden benches and tables within SOAR’s cat buildings.

SOS0918152     SOS091815


Thanks a million, SOS!  cat-paw-brown2cat-paw-brown2cat-paw-brown2cat-paw-brown2

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Sean Adoption


Young Mr. Sean, pictured here in the foreground on a recent play date with Lyla, will be romping around his new home in Wilmington from now on.  Sean came to us from Animal Protective Services with Melissa less than a month ago and becomes dog No. 39 of 43 transfers from APS to be adopted out since the beginning of 2013.  I’d call that a pretty successful partnership.  Happy days Sean.

Stay tuned for news of our latest APS transfers.

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Gyrl Adoption


Remember this pretty American Bulldog mix seen here relaxing on the deck outside our office?  She hasn’t been seen around SOAR since she started her foster care in Florida with Jeannine back in April.  Well, she just found herself a permanent Florida home.  Sunny days, Gyrl.  Thanks for taking good care of her Jeannine.

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We are happy to announce that our “Jersey Girl” Izzy has been adopted.  SOAR volunteer Lisa Wolak arranged her transfer to us from a Garden State shelter back in late June.  ”The Iz” took her time getting acclimated but eventually hit her stride.  Happy days girl.  Don’t forget to write.

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Lyla In The News


Yep, that’s our girl caught on camera along with WECT News’ Ashlea Kosikowski and our own Michelle Anthony.  The pic is posted on our Facebook page.

WECT TV has been running a feature called “Clear The Shelters” and it was in yesterday’s 5 o’clock spot that they highlighted SOAR and no more finer an ambassador for our gang than Miss Lyla.  If like me you missed out on the chance to catch the broadcast live, click on the video below, or go to either www.facebook.com/WECTNews or www.facebook.com/AshleaOnAir.  You can also view a nice slide show sampling of our adoptable pals by clicking on the “Clear The Shelters” image @ www.wect.com.

Thanks Michelle and WECT.

WECT Lyla Video

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Greetings From Baxter (Benji) And Gus

We heard from 2015 grads Baxter (ex Benji) and Gus last week.  ”The Many Faces Of Baxter”…                                                                                                                                                                      Benji Update3

                                               …and “Gus Caught Napping”…    Gus_Update2

Good to hear from you boys.  cat-paw-brown2 cat-paw-brown2 cat-paw-brown2 cat-paw-brown2

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Upcoming Events


Rescue The Rescue

Come out and see us at one or more of the following events where you can buy some items for sale, or buy some 50/50 tickets, or make a cash donation, or meet and greet us and our sweet cats and dogs up for adoption.  Help Rescue The Rescue. 

Monday September 7 – Oak Island Farmer’s Market                                                              All sales proceeds at “Ocean Therapy Potions” booth will be donated to SOAR 

Saturday September 19 – SOAR Yard Sale (7:00 AM – ?)                                                            107 NE 45th St.  All sales proceeds go to SOAR

Saturday September 26 – Lowes Foods Community Event (11:00 AM-4:00 PM, Southport store)

Saturday September 26 – SOAR Adoption Event (11:00 AM-1:30 PM)                                   “Zeetlegoo’s Pet & People Store” – 1635 N. Howe St., Southport

Saturday/Sunday October 3/4 - Petsense Adoptathon (10:00 AM-5:00 PM)                     Shallotte Petsense – 110 Shallotte Crossing Parkway 

Saturday October 10 - 50/50 Winner Drawing Party at the “Lazy Turtle”, Oak Island   Please see our Events Page for more information

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Cocoa And Jed Move On

Here they were, featured together in an August 18 play date…                                                                        Cocoa&Jed0818153…and now here they are about to leave with their adoptive family 8 days later…Jed & Cocoa Adoption                Hmm, funny how that worked out.  Good show, Cocoa and Jed – you run with the wind. Thanks for adopting folks.

Update 09/02:  Please go to our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SOARanimalrescue) for a fabulous video starring Jed, Cocoa, and their new brother Casey. 

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The “Go-To Girl”

If you have been following our website and Facebook posts in the last year, then these kinds of pics should look strikingly familiar–the veteran Lyla using her social skills in the exercise yard to help us break in a relative newcomer to the shelter.

Lyla&Sean082515     Lyla&Sean0825152

This week it was young Sean being schooled.  We do not consider Lyla’s proven ability to engage a wide range of SOAR rookie types in friendly play to be a trivial thing.

This beautiful, athletic 4-year old has represented us at many a parade and festival, and has shown extremely well at adoption events.  We have given her the best life we can here, but nothing we’ve done can substitute for what you can provide in a real home environment.  What do you say?

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Another Arrival


This cutie just arrived.  His name is Midnight (he’s our second feline so named) and he is 4 years old. This Midnight is FIV positive, so he is listed on our FeLV/FIV Cats page.  Just like most of our cats that have tested positive for the viruses, Midnight is extremely friendly.  Come see him. 

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Recent Arrivals

Melissa0822152   Sean082215                                             MELISSA                                                        SEAN

These two youngsters arrived last week.  Their profiles are now on our Dogs page.

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Champagne0811153                                                                                                                          CHAMPAGNE                

Ryan Adoption                                                                                   RYAN (L)

                                      Maddie Adoption082215                                                                               and  MADDIE                                             headed on out the gates to their new homes in the last week.  Happy days everyone!

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I went to see Whitey this morning sort of hoping against hope.  She wasn’t in her usual spot on the office sofa.  In fact, Whitey was nowhere to be found.  Sadly, sweet little Whitey left our world behind yesterday, two months shy of her 15th birthday.  Her health had been in rapid decline in the last two weeks.

Whitey joined us at the beginning of this year.  She did okay in the cattery, but she seemed to really perk up after Cathy moved her to the office.  This picture was posted to our Facebook page exactly one month ago…                                                                                              Whitey At The Window …I was taken by the simple beauty of it at the time, but now, in the aftermath of Whitey’s passing, I feel like it sends a message to us, one that in a way ultimately softens the blow.  So long for now sweet girl.  Some sunny day.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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Looking Good…

Check out the streamlined look of our Miss Allie courtesy of her recent haircut.

Allie082215     Allie0822152

You can now see an interesting brindle undercoat of the girl’s that I had never noticed before.

“Allie The Pally”, as I call her, recently turned 6 years old.  Whether we are out on a stroll, playing in the exercise yard, or “doing belly rubs” in her kennel, the relatively low energy Allie has been ever the pal to me.  For that matter, she has gotten along very well with all of the males at SOAR, yet she has had her moments with unfamiliar men (or boys), depending on their demeanor at first encounter, and on how they move toward or around her.  She also can become excited around cats and small dogs, where we need to be ready with appropriate corrective actions.  There are surely plenty of “right” homes out there for this affectionate and very manageable young lady.  As I have said more than once before, give us a call, or stop by the shelter and we will be most happy to have someone introduce you to Allie The Pally.

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