Dinah073115Rambo0202164This month, Dinah (at top) and ex-housemate Rambo are “celebrating” their 5th year of enjoying our special brand of hospitality.  They are 6 years old.  Rambo’s picture positioning aside, each are free to range about a large open room in our cattery with several other feline friends.  Both have a tendency to be guarded, and I would expect each to require some time and space in transitioning to a new home, whether separately or together.  Ms. Dinah likes to raise up on her hind legs to receive pets from trusted humans; and Mr. Rambo, while he also enjoys a nice rub or two, gets his greatest pleasure from chasing the red dot produced by the click of the “laser mouse.”  As much as they like it here, a real home is what they most deserve.

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Buttercup Update

Have you taken a peek at Sarah and Josh’s “Louie Soar” Facebook page lately?  If you haven’t, check out these pics of our Buttercup barely one week into her life as a foster child.  Buttercup Foster2 Buttercup Foster3To inquire about adopting Buttercup, give our Director a call @ 457-6340.  THOMAS, GRACIE AND SWEETIE NOT INCLUDED.

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Allie The Pally Update

Today marks Allie’s eighth week living the good life with Cindy and Charlie.Allie Update4 Funny, I never figured the girl for the Beach Baby type…Allie Update.1What next, Pally…You’ve given up treats?  Not likely.  More happy days.

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Last month, Buttercup moved to SOAR from the same home as Jo-Jo and Queenie.  She is pictured here grabbing a snack from Sarah just before leaving last Saturday to begin foster care with Sarah and Josh.

Buttercup Foster

Find out more about Buttercup and how to stay current on her foster situation by visiting our Dogs page.

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February Birthdays

Birthday Clip Art

Happy Birthday wishes to Anderson (6 years old)


and to Elvis (3 years old).


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Dead End013116The perfect weather, the idyllic setting, the huge turnout of presenters and taste testers, and that aroma of hot chili in the air – our Jo-Jo and all of his furry pals at SOAR were the big overall winners in yesterday’s Chili Cook-Off benefit organized by their wonderful friends at the Dead End Saloon.

Deb Feldman of Coldwell Banker Seacoast Advantage was a major player in working with Dead End to put the event together.  Early on, she was dancing in delight at the sight of the ever growing crowd…Dead End0131163

The Beach House Chapter of Harley Davidson owners (“The HOGS”) turned out in a big show of support for our cause…Dead End0131166Dead End01311616

and SOAR founder Jeannine was there happily working the crowd, helping to promote little Jo-JoDead End01311611                                                                                                                                                                      Ramona really did cook up some outstanding chili…Dead End01311610

but by popular vote the “H.A. Chili” Team took top honors…Dead End0131165and then graciously donated their 1st place winnings back to SOAR.  Here here!

By the end of the day, thanks to all of you who participated, and most especially to Elaine and the staff at Dead End, we had raised an astounding sum of $2,000 for Jo-Jo and his friends!  Dead End01311618

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Did We Just Say “Hello”?

In one of the quickest turnarounds in the annals of SOAR, “newcomer” little Gracie cleaned out her very gently used apartment and said her farewells yesterday.

Gracie Adoption

I guess you were just too cute for the shelter life kid.  Thanks for stopping by though, and happy days.

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We bid a fond farewell to MurphyMurphy Adoptionwho headed out on Saturday to nearby Southport with his new mom and dad, and to RavenRaven Adoptionwho with his adoptive parents headed northwest to Raleigh on Sunday just in time for a romp in the snow.  Happy trails, boys.  Thank you for adopting folks.

On the flip side we welcome newcomers little GracieGracie0126162and Miss NiniNini012616to SOAR.  For more on Gracie and Nini please visit our Cats and Dogs pages.

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Well it’s been a while – over 5 years since his 2010 graduation – but an old pal of mine, Cooper the Coonhound, has checked in with us…

Cooper Update2     Cooper Update

Some of us “old timers” just might recall that Cooper was one of a litter of 10 born at SOAR to a gal named Dixie who had just been brought to the shelter.  It took some time, but Cooper was finally adopted by Emily G., with whom he has been living in Delaware ever since.  In the photo on the right Cooper is seen prancing across the sands of Oak Island on a November visit with Emily’s mom, Karen H., who happened to be a fellow SOAR volunteer back in Cooper’s time with us.  Emily tells me that Cooper still sees a brother and sister living in St. James when he’s in town.  It’s great to hear from you boy.  Maybe you and Emily and Karen can stop by for a quick reunion next time.

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Sandy Passing

This was our sweet orange tabby girl posing atop the smaller open cat room sofa last September.  Sadly, Sandy left us for the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday.  She died in her sleep – - quite likely as a result of a worsening heart condition.

Sandy had turned 9 years old last July.  She came to SOAR as a 5-year old back in October 2011.  Many of us will remember Sandy for her having the run of the cattery with her long-haired partner Allie during much of her time with us.  We will also remember her for her beauty, for her friendly disposition, and for putting up with our on again, off again attempts at managing her weight.  Together, I think we did all right.

We will miss you Sandy Girl.  Until we meet again, some sunny day.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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Our beautiful Siamese boy, Mickey II, has moved out.  Now “Pomegranate” (“Granate” for short), we hear he is integrating well in his new home that includes Lily the dog and Mango the cat.                                                                                                                                          Mickey2 Adoption All the best Mickey – I mean Granate.  Thanks for adopting Kay.

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Agnes&Rick Benches

Agnes and Rick are SOAR volunteers – they can be spotted working with our dogs on Fridays.  Recently, they devoted some of their time (and money) to helping the cats too.  Agnes and Rick are pictured here with the cat benches they constructed from PVC and canvas materials.  The canvas was donated by a Southport business.  By the way, I for one have also seen them out at SOAR a pruning and a trimming.  Thanks for all you do folks.

Boy Scouts2   Boy Scouts1                                                                                                                                                               Last Saturday Ronda and her Southport Cub Scout Pack No. 238 came out for a visit and dropped off a whole bunch of items the scouts had been collecting for the cats and dogs as part of a community service project.  Looks like Jeannine stepped up to handle the golf cart tour duties, and is that Bear possibly enjoying his moment as an honorary pack member?  Thanks all.  Come back for a visit any time.          

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Jo-Jo And Queenie

Jo-Jo0112162.2          Queenie011216.2

JO-JO                                                            QUEENIE

Ex-housemates Jo-Jo and Queenie have recently joined us.  Catch up with them on our Dogs page.

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Upcoming SOAR Benefit

soar chili cook off3

Well you came to our rescue to the tune of almost $60,000!  Now the transition of ownership to SOAR is complete, but not without our having to add loan payments to the annual cost of operating the shelter and keeping our cats and dogs happy, healthy and safe.  So, our fundraising efforts march on…

Please join us on the 31st for a Chili Cook-Off sponsored by our friends at the Dead End Saloon (4907 Fish Factory Road at the South Harbor Marina; 910-454-4002).  Besides contestants, we need judges, and of course tasters ($5 entry fees to judge and taste).  There will be 1st and 2nd place cash prizes for the top chili presentations.   ***Sign up today!***

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Here he is…Grady “Chub” Forslund on the occasion of his second birthday yesterday…

Chub Update…Hey, don’t look so glum pal, you know you could be a lot older – like my age!

Grady is from our class of 2015.  You may remember him as the other half of the dynamic duo of Sonny & Chub.  Here they are about a month before their breakup last May.  I wonder if they still keep in touch.

     Sonny0414152Chub041415                                                    SONNY                                            CHUB 

So then, a very happy b’day to you Grady Chub.  Thanks for keeping in touch!

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Zack, Doodle & Buddy

Finishing a close second and third to Jack in the 2016 graduation race were Zack… Zack Adoption and Doodle… Doodle112115  And as for the recently adopted Buddy…                                             Buddy Update4   Buddy Update…the word on the street is that he’s good to go!                                                                                        

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And Our First 2016 Graduate Is…

Jack0120152                                                                                                                                JACK!

Just 2 weeks on the heels of fellow FIV veteran Buddy’s adoption (see “ADOPTIONS” Post; 12/26/2015) Jack found himself a new home across the border in South Carolina. Congratulations Jack!

All of our adoptable FeLV and FIV cats are pictured on our Cats – FeLV and FIV page.  Ask someone to show you around their homes on your next visit to SOAR.

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SOAR Class Of 2015

   SOAR Logo2                                                                             Graduation Clipart3

Hold the pomp but praise the circumstance, a total of 54 SOAR kids picked up their diplomas in 2015; 25 cats and 29 dogs!  We honor these graduates along with all of you out there who cared to give them another chance.  Hip Hip Hooray!

THE CATS:  Sassy, Caesar, Prince Prince022015 , Dixie, 

Onyx, April, Nicole, Lily Lily022015 , Frankie, Stella,

Aqua, Magic, Salt, Peppa, Missy Missy , Izzy, Blitzen,

Vixen, Snuggle, Nugget, Shiloh Shiloh , Champagne,

Zoe Zoe092815 , Aidyn Aidyn092815 and Buddy.

THE DOGS:  Layla, Benji, Sadie, Lyla Lyla0804154 ,

Kita, Gus, Baby Baby1007143 , Fonzie,

Libby Libby_Yard Sale0815155 , Bentley Dierks0508153 , Gyrl,

Chub, Sunny, Addison, Oliver I OliverDog051115 , Maddie, Sean, 

Jed Jed2 , Allie Allie0414152 , 

Piper, Melissa, Cocoa Cocoa0804152 , Oliver II, Kyra, 

Wrigley, Ryan Ryan0804152 , Will, Dylia and

Jackson Jackson0918153 . 

We also pause to remember the friends we lost along the way in 2015.  Peace and everlasting light be with them.

Sheila Dunne Sheila , Richard Hatch,

Bandit Yard Cats6 , Inky, Fuzzy Black, 

Cranky Boy Yard Cats2 ,

Whitey Whitey080415 and

Homer (“Homie”) 007 .

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Alumni Visit

Lucky Adoption That’s Lucky to the right on graduation day back in March 2014.  He’s about to begin a new life as “Banjo” with Mom and Dad and sidekick Kona.

Lucky Update And this is Banjo with Mom and Dad on a return visit to SOAR 21 months later.  He’s a happy boy.  We love it when a plan comes together.  Thanks for checking in gang.  More happy days to you.

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zeetlegoos SOAR Image

It was “All Cats Day” yesterday at our monthly adoption event at Zeetlegoo’s.                         EllenZeetlegoos122615 JudyZeetlegoos122615

DinahZeetlegoos1226153          LouieZeetlegoos1226152                                                           DINAH,                                                    LOUIE,                                                              MinionZeetlegoos1226153          SammieZeetlegoos122615                                                             MINION                   and                     SAMMIE                                                       were the featured felines.  What with the language barrier and all, we can only bet that they delighted in getting out in the “May in December” weather just as much as Ellen, Judy and I did.  Stop by the shelter sometime and visit with them and their pals.  I bet you anything that they will appreciate it.                                                                                                                                       cat-paw-brown2 cat-paw-brown2 cat-paw-brown2 cat-paw-brown2              

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Three cheers for Buddy and Dixie – two felines who were adopted last weekend!





Buddy was one of our FIV cats.  He had been with us for a number of years.  It is always gratifying to see one of these guys find a home.  If you have never done so take a look at our FeLV/FIV Cats page.  Two-month old Dixie with brother Baxter “and company” came to SOAR with Burmese mother Blair at the end of 2012…


Mom was adopted in March 2014.  Baxter, who like Dixie recently turned 3 years old, is still with us, still looking, still hoping…



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Zoey XMAS2015

               SOARXMAS201517              SOARXMAS201514

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Elvis1218153     Raven1218153

  ELVIS                                                 RAVEN

These two boys just joined us.  See their profiles on our Dogs page.  

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Time For Tux

Looking for an affectionate, playful companion of the four-legged variety?  View this video, then dial 457-6340 – ask for “Tux”.

Tux Video121515

SOAR Logo2

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And The Day After…

… Allie Pally Adoption

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