Happy Birthday Bonanza

Donation Pic062416

This birthday girl along with her Mom dropped by this morning with a cache of goodies for our pals.  Instead of receiving birthday money, she wanted to help us keep our cats and dogs well nourished.  We can always use the help.  Many thanks for thinking of them.

cat-paw-brown   cat-paw-brown   cat-paw-brown   cat-paw-brown

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Mick The Quick” was simply too cute for this family to resist…they adopted him on Monday.

Mick Adoption

Happy days boy!  Congrats to your new best friends.

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“Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”


Petra unveiled the dog “training tube” yesterday morning.  Just about every one of our pals got to try it out.  They all got the idea – eventually.  Best Performance By A SOAR Dog went to Nini, who decided the tube was an amusement ride, and eventually just ran out of quarters and had to quit.  On the other hand, Max, pictured here, thought it was some sort of personal kennel upgrade.  Wrong Max.

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Thanks Grape & Ale!


Red invited me to tag along with him to accept a check from Candace Hobbs for our share of the proceeds from the Grape & Ale’s Blueberry Wine sales.  Thank you Candace…and nice job Red.  Something else to put in your “good dog resume.”

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Lyla Checking In

Lyla Adoption

Adoption Day – September 2015

 Lyla Update

            At home – November 2015

Lyla Update2

Lyla today – the good times roll on.

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Little Miss Daisy is with us once again.  See her story on our Cats page.

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“It’s Summertime, Summertime…”

…Close enough anyway for Lexi and Tortie Girl.  Lexi hits the pool…Lexi0614162…while a hopeful Tortie Girl imagines what cool pleasures lie beyond the cattery door…Tortie Girl 061016

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GRAPE & ALE 06/11

Grape&Ale/Pescado&Amor SOAR Banner

Candace and Jim Hobbs invited us to their place on East Oak Island Drive for an adoption event this past Saturday and we jumped at the opportunity.  Grape&Ale061116Our featured pets were CASEY IIGrape&Ale0611166MINION, DUBYA, MOXYGrape&Ale0611167…and RED and NINI


They got lots of attention and we received quite a few donations.  The big one came in the form of a $205 check from the Grape & Ale.  This was from the Blueberry Wine promotion they had been running for SOAR.  Thanks Candace and Jim.  Hope to see you again.

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Thanks, Shaggers


For the third straight year I had the honor of accepting a check from the Society Of Brunswick Shaggers representing donations made by the members at a recent dance.  Thank you shaggers for your continued support.

SOAR Logo Crop2

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This just in from Napa and friends at the Grape & Ale…

Grape & Ale Crop

See our Events page for more information.

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Recent Arrivals

Now that we’re “back on the air”, let’s get you caught up with ‘who’s new’ at SOAR…

Hunny, Sunny & Bunny








See their profiles on our Kittens and our Dogs pages. 

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June Birthdays

Birthday Clip Art

Happy Birthday wishes this month go to “The Mistress Of Her Domain”, Miss Brandy (4 years old)… Brandy060416

and to “Mr. Cool”, Oakie (7 years old)…Oakie0607162

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Recent graduate Brownie (May 2016) just wanted everyone to know that he’s “doing fine on Cloud 9.”

Brownie Update

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Chloe&Chester0517162.1It took all of one week for the Chloe and Chester act to take their show on down the dusty (or muddy) road.  And as for Mr. Blue…Blue Adoptionwell…it took him just a smidge longer to find his new home in the sun, but find it he did. Happy days boys and girls!

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 CASEYJasmine0524163 JASMINE

These two kids arrived this week.  See their profiles on our Cats page.

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SOAR Logo Sun Dog 130

We gave it a go but didn’t quite muster enough votes in Round 3 to place among the Top 10 finishers.  SOAR finished a respectable 13th out of the 25 groups that had made it to the third round.  It was encouraging to see that we gained supporters with every round…the round-by-round totals were 62-78-112.  Thank you all.  Two of our local partners in rescue, Adopt-An-Angel and Paws Place Dog Rescue have advanced to the fourth and final round.  I am sure they would welcome your votes and would make good use of any cash winnings in furtherance of the cause that we share.SOAR Logo Crop


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Salty Dogs0521165

We packed up Lexi and Nini yesterday and headed on down the road to the Salty Dogs Bakery & Boutique (www.saltydogsbakeryandboutique.com) for their grand opening in the shoppes behind the Southport Smokehouse Barbecue on North Howe Street.

Salty Dogs0521169

Lexi and Nini scarfed up some complimentary ‘Doggie Ice Cream’                                              Salty Dogs052116

Salty Dogs0521164

while we all enjoyed the good vibes of Steve Fitzgerald And Island Fever.Salty Dogs0521167

Thank you Salty Dogs…Our girls had a fine time.  And folks, the girls highly recommend the ice cream and some of the other bakery treats they sampled.  Give us a call at 457-6340 if you’d like to have either one of these seasoned taste testers in your home.

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Courtesy Listing Update

Please see the latest post on our Courtesy Listing page.cat-paw-brown2cat-paw-brown2cat-paw-brown2cat-paw-brown2

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Siblings Chloe and Chester moved in a few days ago.  See their profile on our Cats page.

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Night Night Nini…

“Yumm…Always start the day with a nice big breakfast”Nini0513162“Then come the heavy eyelids”Nini0513163“And then…lights out.”Nini051316

Just how Nini likes it!  cat-paw-brown2

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Friends…We are still alive after Round 2 of Southern Grace Distilleries’ “SUN DOG 130″ voting.  The contest resumes tomorrow (05/19) @ www.facebook.com/southerngracedistilleries in Round 3 of the voting.  We have not seen a deadline date as yet.SOAR Logo Sun Dog 130As before, go to the Southern Grace facebook page and “like” our logo in their photo gallery.  Our local partners in rescue, Adopt-An-Angel and Paws Place Dog Rescue have been among the front runners to this point and we wish them well.  Let’s give them a run for their money in Round 3 and move closer toward grabbing a share of the SUN DOG 130 sales proceeds by tacking on at least 50 to our Round 2 total of 78 “likes.”  Spread the word.  Get out the vote.  Thanks!

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We will feature some of our animals for adoption at the Salty Dogs Bakery And Boutique grand opening this Saturday.  Look for us in the  Village Shoppes behind the Southport Smokehouse on North Howe Street.  For more information, see the flyer posted to our Events Page.  

SOAR Logo Crop                                                              

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Our 3rd annual PFTP fundraiser is now a piece of SOAR history.  It was a great event – probably the most highly attended of the three.  Thank you Cheryl, our event organizer, and thank you SOAR volunteers who assisted.  Thanks also go to our host, the Southport Senior Center, to Terry’s Catering, and to Steve Fitzgerald & Island Fever.  I think the highlight for me was getting to chat with some of the adoptive parents of SOAR graduates like Gidget, Jade, Fonzi, and Doodle, all of whom continue to bring joy to their lives.

Thanks to all who came to the party.  Do you remember?….

PFTP20162“Uh-oh…We in big trouble now, Lieutenant!”PFTP20163“Let’s just try to look like we know what we’re doing.”PFTP20164“You mean these tickets.  Yeah, we really paid for them – right guys?”PFTP20165“Oh no…sorry, but we already have cats.”PFTP20166“Yeah, somebody told us we’d win the 50/50 if we just looked real happy.”PFTP20167“Would you believe he actually thought they were menus!”PFTP20168“That’s right, I just have to clap once to get his ears to point straight up.”PFTP20169“So many prizes to give out; so little time.”PFTP201610“Well yeah, I had to try a few glasses just to be sure it was good.”PFTP201615“Hmm…You know, I have to deal with this every day at Zeetlegoo’s!”PFTP201612“That Louie is just everywhere SOAR goes!”PFTP201613“…And ‘Susie’ on vocals…”PFTP201614“Honestly…We couldn’t!”PFTP201611 

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Casey (and her 5 babies) Casey050616

and little Milo…Milo0401162

…have new addresses as of this past week.  Happy days you kids!

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Just About Party Time…

PFTP 2016 Flyer

“T” minus 48 hours.  We’ve still got tickets.  Call Cheryl, call SOAR (457-6340), or get them at the door Friday evening.  Looks like a good crowd, but the more the merrier…We’d love to see you there.  If you were with us last year you know Terry puts out a great spread, and Steve & “Island Fever” will knock your socks off.Island Fever2

Silent Auction, 50/50 (Remember the Lazy Turtle last Fall?  What was the winner’s share alone…around $3500?).  Call the pet sitter, set the DVR…you could be heroes, for just one day,



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