Sonny0414152 Chub041415

     SONNY                                           CHUB

These two young men joined us this week after a short stay with our friends at Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Animal Protective Services.  Their profiles can be found on our Dogs page.

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Thank You Kelley’s


While they were in the area for Easter last week, the Kelley family dropped in for a visit.  We’re sure glad they did.  They made a cash donation, plus the kids brought food and toys that they had purchased with their Easter money.  On behalf of our cats and dogs we say thank you very much to our friends the Kelley’s.

cat-paw-brown cat-paw-brown cat-paw-browncat-paw-brown

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This pretty Tortoiseshell is our newest feline.  She is so special that she even has her own real bedroom for now.  Check out her story on our Cats page.

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“Kita the Keets” went off to Kentucky with his new mom Lisa and new sister Dixie earlier this week.

Kita Adoption Kita Adoption3

Since January of 2013, Kita was the 30th of the 30 canines to find permanent homes with us after having been brought in from Brunswick County Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services.  Kita, we had a good time these past 15 months.  Go with the wind, and with your pal Dixie.  Thanks for adopting, Lisa.  We look forward to seeing you and Kita next time you are out this way.

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zeetlegoos SOAR Image

Our pals Frankie…Frankie@Zeetlegoo's0328156


and Gus…Gus@Zeetlegoo's0328159 joined

Ellen, Michelle, Sarah and me at Zeetlegoo’s yesterday…


We and the cats did our best to put up with the cold that Gus didn’t seem to mind.  He showed us some new moves that foster parents Sarah and Joshua have taught him.  Check out our Facebook page for some additional pics from Saturday.  See what Sarah has to say about fostering and volunteering in Recent Comments.  

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More Alumni News

This is Bella Bear…Bear…She is the former Bear, who was a guest of ours up until the time she was adopted by Bill, who heads the company that provides our tech support.  That occurred back in March of 2011.  One of our volunteers back then could no longer keep her and Bill and his wife came to the rescue.  Bella Bear now enjoys splitting her time between Carolina Beach and Pittsburgh.  She also enjoys going to work with Bill, where she gets a bowl of her cherished spaghetti and meat sauce when Bill whips some up for his work group.  Spaghetti and meat sauce???  Well of course…’Bella’s’ a good Italian name after all.  Good to hear from you girl.

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Thank You Lieutenant Tolley

Lt. Tommy Tolley of Brunswick County Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services (BCSAPS) came to our rescue this Tuesday…He did…literally…as the pics below will bear out.  Tommy has been the director at the Animal Protective Services shelter out in Supply since the Sheriff’s Office took over county shelter operations in July 2012.  His many years of service heading the Sheriff’s K-9 unit made him a logical choice for the new position, and his overall experience with canine handling was evident on Tuesday as he took about three hours time away from his ‘real job’ to give us some hands-on instruction.  It was a joy to see our dogs respond so well and so quickly to some simple handling techniques that with a little practice (ours and theirs) will enhance their adoption potential.  Thanks a million Tommy.

Tommy&Baby032415 Tommy&Baby0324152

“Tommy, can I move yet?”                              ”I don’t want to make eye contact – is Baby                                                                                         paying attention to me?”

Ramona&Baby032415 Mary&Libby0324152

“Look! I got her to stay!”             “Oh, it works better with this end!”

Tommy&Lyla0324152                                 Tommy&Lyla032415

“You’re joking! And then what                                         “Tommy, you’re the best!”                        happened?”

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Adoption Event/Gus

Come visit us at Zeetlegoo’s Pet & People Store on Howe Street in Southport this Saturday (03/28) for our monthly adoption event.  We will have a couple of our furry friends on hand, as well as tickets to our 2nd annual Party Furr The Paws fundraiser on May 1. We know one of this Saturday’s guests of honor will be that lovable lug, Gus.


Lately, Gus has been seen loafing around downtown Southport.  No, he hasn’t escaped. Gus, you see, is currently under the expert foster care of Joshua and Sarah, who recently helped Fonzie find his new home.  Apparently, Gus’ benefits package includes some number of outings to scenic Southport venues.  Anyway, we hope to see you at Zeetlegoo’s. And please visit our Facebook page where you will be able to keep up with “Gus’s Excellent Adventures with Joshua and Sarah.”

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Alumni News

Tibby Benji Update

                  TIBBY                                    BAXTER (BENJI)

These two illustrious grads checked in with us last week.  A few of us SOAR vets would remember sweet Tibby – she was adopted by Deanna and family back in February 2007.  Tibby just celebrated her 9th birthday.  Happy B’Day girl.  Young Mr. Baxter – the former Benji – is now a little over 3 weeks into his adoption.  Eric reports that life with Baxter is as good as ever.  Please check out our Facebook page at for additional posts on Tibby and Baxter.  You especially won’t want to miss the Baxter picture collage.  Thanks for staying in touch you kids.

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PFTP Flyer

Put May 1st on your calendars NOW!!!!!  It’s going to be so much fun!  With our special guests Susie and Donna Lawrence – it’s going to be even BETTER than last year!!  We still have great food and DJ Rodney and some great auction items!  But the main thing – is that you are helping a fantastic organization continue to do the work they love – providing for and helping forgotten and abandoned animals in the Brunswick County area until they are placed in their new “furr-ever” home!  So get your tickets now!!!  Call Michelle at 910.363.7013 for pickup times and locations or check back on the main page of the website or on facebook to see where we will be and you can get your tickets there or anytime we are open at SOAR!    You can also check out prizes that will be available for auction at

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“The Fonz” found himself a new home last Saturday after calling SOAR home for the last 18 months.  He’s seen here in pics from departure day with his foster mom on the left and his new mom on the right.

Fonzi Adoption2 Fonzi Adoption1

Fonzi had been living with foster parents Sarah and Joshua for the last two months.  We can’t thank them enough for all they did to prepare the boy for life “in the outside world.” Fonzi, we will miss those ‘stubby-legged’ dashes after the tennis ball.  Go with the wind boy.

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“Sleeping With The Fishes”…


…Or I guess I should say, “in the fishes.”  Our director got this shot of Harper the other day putting her own very different spin on feline-fish relations.  If you haven’t yet, see “Hollywood Harper” in another great pose on our Cats page.

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April – March 2015.

Pretty Miss April is our March featured pet.

April_PictureFrame2 April_PictureFrame

This sweet 5-year old with the silky smooth pale orange coat just completed her second year as our guest at SOAR.  April lives happily in a room in our cattery with 5-6 pals.  She is definitely on the shy side.  With some patience and a light touch though, you can gain her trust and she’ll go into ‘pets ready’ mode.  Who knows, maybe there’s a lap cat hiding inside, waiting to be awakened.  April would probably prefer a home without little humans underfoot.  If you are thinking about a cat, please think about April.

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Sadie Adoption

Hooray for Miss Sadie!  She left on Monday for her new home across the bridge in Oak Island.

Sadie Adoption

Have a great life, sweet girl.  Hope you find lots of nice places to run like only you can.

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This is Gyrl, a very affectionate 5-year old American Bulldog/Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix gal.


Find out more about Gyrl by going to our Dogs page.

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Aqua Adoption


March 15, 2015: We just got an update from Terri on Aqua (now Harley).  See “Terri Miller on Aqua Adoption” under Recent Comments.

Another case of the ‘Luck Of Zeetlegoo’s'?  Or just simply too compelling.  We’re sure Aqua doesn’t care.  The little guy packed his bags today for Ocean Isle Beach and a new start with a new identity – “Harley.”  That closes the books on the very brief misadventures of Aqua and his sister Magic.  Have a great life boy.

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Thank You Shaggers

Last Friday night, several of us at SOAR had the pleasure of joining Society of Brunswick Shaggers (SOBS) members at their monthly dance at the Oak Island VFW Hall.  For the second consecutive year the February dance doubled as a charity event for SOAR.  We enjoyed the food, the music, and the dancing and had a chance to chat with many of the club members and present a slide show of our cats and dogs.  Thanks so much for your generosity, folks.  If you have the chance, come on out and see us and our furry friends.

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Benji Adoption

March 10, 2015: See our Facebook page for an update from Eric on life with Benji (now Baxter).

After two fun-filled months with us, Benji has moved on to a new home up in Surf City.

Benji Adoption Go with the wind boy.  Stop in and say hello next time you are in the neighborhood.

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Bianca Update

We just got a new update from Alison on Bianca (now Lily).  See “Alison on Kittens” in Recent Comments.  

kittens3 Bianca is the white one pictured here in the back of the bucket with her siblings at SOAR, September 2013.  You can view her original adoption story (December 8, 2013 – “White Christmas?”) by selecting December 2013 in our Archives.  Thanks for staying in touch, Alison.  Lily’s story serves to remind us of what interesting creatures are cats.  Don’t judge a book by its cover?

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Zeetlegoo's0228154 zeetlegoos

Ellen and I took Nicole and Aqua to Zeetlegoo’s yesterday.  Nicole (L) kept a low profile while the irrepressible Aqua (R) couldn’t get enough attention…

Zeetlegoo's0228155 Zeetlegoo's0228156

Joining us there was our lovable Beagle mix Fonzi and his foster Mom and Dad, Sarah and Joshua…


Fonzi looks terrific and has obviously flourished living with Sarah and Joshua, their cat, and their three dogs.  Let’s talk about adopting “The Fonz.”  Give us a call, send us an email, leave a comment for us on our website or on our Facebook page.

Thank you Sarah and Joshua.

Zeetlegoo's0228152 Zeetlegoo's022815

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Layla022715 Say hello to young Layla, who just moved into the apartment across from Lyla.  She’s a sweetie – a mix of Shepherd and Collie (Border?), we think.  Find her profile on our Dogs page.

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Sassy0227152 This is little Sassy, a 4-5 month old stray who just got here.  I paid her a first visit today in the SOAR office, and I have to say she’s a real cutie pie.  See Sassy on our Cats page.

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The last two weeks have seen a few changes in our roster of furry friends.  Goodbye and happy days to the very popular Wrigley

Wrigley2 as she embarks on her new life with a new brother and mom and dad in the western part of the state, to Magic,

Magic021315 who was adopted so quickly, her arrival at SOAR never made the homepage, and finally to Onyx,

Onyx032514 the second of our three “O Boys” to be adopted.  Say hi to Onyx if you visit Southport Animal Hospital where he’ll spend part of his days as the new office cat.  And now, welcome Frankie,

Frankie0217152 who is taking his place at SOAR in an exchange with the departing Onyx, and also welcome Aqua,

Aqua0217152 the young brother of the recently adopted Magic.  Now, is all that crystal clear? Frankie and Aqua are profiled on our Cats page.

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Oakie – February 2015


This is 5-year old Oakie, this month’s featured pet.  He came to us as a kitten, rescued by a kind soul who spotted him wandering in the marshes at one end of the Oak Island bridge.  Oakie is sporting his signature “wide-eyed gaze” in this photo.  He is a most sociable guy (with both humans and other cats) – usually one of the first to greet visitors to the cat room is he.  As with many cats though, he much prefers a few straightforward pets to attempts at embracing and snuggling.  Oakie is profiled on our Cats page.  Pay him a visit some time.

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Oliver’s 12th

A Happy 12th Birthday to Oliver, SOAR graduating class of 2010.  The boy insisted on spending a part of the big day last Tuesday out at his old stomping grounds.  At this point in his life I just give him what he wants…


“We have all been here before…”


  So much to see – so little time.


“Same as it ever was”, huh Dad.

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